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Francine van der Heijden (Soprano)

Born: October 8, 1964 - Berghem. the Netherlands

Dutch soprano, Francine van der Heijden [Heyden], studied voice in Maastricht, The Hague and London. She was later coached by Meinard Kraak and Peter Nilsson.

As a soloist Francine van der Heijden has made recordings with conductors such as Péter Eötvös, Ton Koopman and Oleg Caetani. She also has performed with orchestras such as the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, the Schönberg Ensemble and the Robert Schumann Philharmonie. Last season she made her debut at the Grote Zaal of the Concertgebouw singing Euridice in Gluck’s Orpheo, conducted by Christian Zacharias and the Nederlands Kamerorkest. She also could be heard as Sylvia in Haydn’s L’Isola disabitata with the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Frans Brüggen. Francine van der Heijden could be heard in Felix Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night's dream in a concert conducted by Jaap van Zweden.

Francine van der Heijden is a regular guest at the Holland Early Music Festival. She frequently performs as a Lied recitalist, recently being hailed by the Dutch press as 'an imposing young talent' (de Volkskrant). Among her various recordings is a release featuring songs of Felix Mendelssohn and his sister Fanny Hensel. This recording was marked out as "Selection Swiss Radio International". In addition to that Francine van der Heijden received wonderful critical acclaim, both in The Netherlands and in Germany, for her contribution next to Christiane Oelze, to a CD-recording containing all unknown W.A. Mozart arias.

Also in modern repertoire Francine van der Heijden already set her marks. With the Ives Ensemble she performed in Gerald Barry's 'Things that gain by being painted' in the appearance of a Japanese geisha. Micha Hamel composed a lullaby for the new born Princess Royal Catherina-Amalia, to be sung by Francine van der Heijden.

Francine van der Heijden was again praised by the press because of her contributions to a series of Kruidvat CD's dedicated to W.A. Mozart's lesser known opera's. Her interpretation of the parts of Elisa in W.A. Mozart's Il Re Pastore, of Licenza in Il Sogno di Scipione, of Servilia in La Clemenza di Tito as well as of Aspasia in Mitridate, in particular, were received exceptionally warmheartedly. A CD with W.A. Mozart concert arias, sung by Christiane Oelze, Miranda van Kralingen and Francine van der Heijden with the European Symfonietta conducted by Ed Spanjaard, and Nabal, an oratorio by George Frideric Handel, released by Naxos, followed.

Last season (2003-2004) Francine van der Heijden had the great honour to sing Agnus Dei from W.A. Mozart's Requiem and Tebye poyem from Sergei Rachmaninov during the funeral ceremony of His Royal Highness Prince Claus of The Netherlands, husband of H.M. Queen Beatrix, in the ancient city of Delft.

Source: Ideaal Website (October 2004); Ruud Janssen (February 2006)
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (February 2006)

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Tymen Jan Bronda


Video: BWV 211

Ton Koopman


Member of Amsterdam Baroque Choir:
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BWV 21, BWV 131; CD-2: BWV 106, BWV 196, BWV 71, BWV 150; CD-3: BWV 31, BWV 185, BWV 4
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Cantatas Vol. 5: CD-1: BWV 207a; CD-2: BWV 206; CD-3: BWV 205; CD-4: BWV 213
Cantatas Vol. 7: CD-1: BWV 25, BWV 95, BWV 144, BWV 67, BWV 24; CD-2: BWV 136, BWV 184, BWV 105, BWV 148; CD-3: BWV 147, BWV 181, BWV 173
Cantatas Vol. 9: CD-1: BWV 48, BWV 154, BWV 138, BWV 173a; CD-2: BWV 37, BWV 153, BWV 166, BWV 86, BWV 70; CD-3: BWV 66, BWV 194
Cantatas Vol. 10: CD-1:
BWV 119, BWV 134, BWV 44, BWV 73; CD-2: BWV 20, BWV 2, BWV 101; CD-3: BWV 180, BWV 130, BWV 134a
Cantatas Vol. 11: CD-1:
BWV 127, BWV 5, BWV 94; CD-2: BWV 41, BWV 7, BWV 139; CD-3: BWV 115, BWV 113, BWV 10
Cantatas Vol. 12: CD-1:
BWV 135, BWV 124, BWV 121, BWV 111; CD-2: BWV 99, BWV 78, BWV 114; CD-3: BWV 91, BWV 107, BWV 116, BWV 8
Cantatas Vol. 13: CD-1:
BWV 1, BWV 62, BWV 96, BWV 62: Appendix; CD-2: BWV 38, BWV 93, BWV 33; CD-3: BWV 133, BWV 122, BWV 92
Cantatas Vol. 14: CD-1:
BWV 126; CD-2: BWV 26, BWV 178; CD-3: BWV 123
CantatasVol. 16: CD-1:
BWV 16; CD-2: BWV 79
Cantatas Vol. 18: CD-3:
BWV 164
Cantatas Vol. 20: CD-1:
BWV 156
Cantatas Vol. 21: CD-1: ; CD-2:
BWV 140, BWV 34, BWV 143; CD-3: BWV 191
Cantatas Vol. 22: CD-1:
BWV 236; CD-3: BWV 235
V-3 (1998):
BWV 243, BWV 249

Jos Vermunt


BWV 244 [sung in Dutch]

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