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Johann Kaspar Kerll
Missa Superba

German Title

Missa Superba / Missa superba

English Title





Composed by Johann Kaspar Kerll, sometime before 1674
J.S. Bach arranged the Sanctus in D major (listed as BWV 241) from this work in Leipzig between July 1747 and August 1748.
Bach exchanged the colla-parte instruments (4 trombones) for 3 viols and bassoon. The 3 viols play together with the alto and tenor voices and with the tenor voice in the 2nd; the 1st and 2nd viols receive obbligato voices in bars 13 to 18. J.S. Bach lets an oboe d'amore accompany each of the 2 soprano voices; the performance parts are in E major, in contrast to the score. Because he had no need for the Osanna and Benedictus for church services in Leipzig, but still desired an impressive conclusion for the movement, J.S. Bach replaced J.K. Kerll's music to the Pleni sunt coeli with the music of the original Osanna; he not only rewarded the voices, but intensified the flow of the piece by using 16th instead of 8th notes.
Performed by J.S. Bach in Leipzig, July 1747 - August 1748


Latin Mass

German Text | Translations: English-3


Chorus 1: SATB; Chorus 2: SATB
Orchestra [Mass]: 2 violins, continuo, 4 trombones (colla-parte)
Orchestra [Sanctus BWV 241]: 2 oboes d’amore, 2 violins, 3 violas, continuo (+ bassoon, violoncello, violone)



BGA: | NBA: | BC: E17 [BWV 241] | VBN: I/K/3 | First Published:




Music Examples


Source: Liner notes by Andreas Bomba to the CD 'Edition Bachakademie Vol. 72 - Sacred Music in Latin II', conducted by H. Rilling (Hänssler, 1999)





Complete Recordings
Recordings of Sanctus in D major, BWV 241
Recordings of Individual Movements



Complete Recordings


Aus der Notenbibliothek von Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. II [C-2]


J.K. Kerll: Missa Superba [23:31]

Thomas Hengelbrock

Balthasar-Neumann-Chor / Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble

Chor 1: Soprano: Dorothee Mields; Alto: Jürgen Banholzer; Tenor: Hans Jörg Mammel; Bass: Markus Flaig
Chor 2: Soprano: Constanze Backes; Altos: Detlef Bratschke; Tenors: Hermann Oswald; Bass: Wolf-Matthias Friedrich

Hänssler 93.039

Mar 15-17, 2001

CD / TT: 60:25

Recorded by SWR Stuttgart at Sendesaal Villa Berg, Germany.
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Bach: Lutheran Masses, Vol. 1 [V-10]


Sanctus, BWV 241 (Version in E major) [2:00]

Masaaki Suzuki

Bach Collegium Japan

Instrumental soloists: Masamitsu San'nomiya (Oboe & Oboe d’amore); Natsumi Wakamatsu (Violin)
This disc was recorded in two periods. Performers who took part in either or both periods are listed below.
Chorus: Soprano: Hana Blažíková, Joanne Lunn, Minae Fujisaki, Yoshie Hida, Aki Matsui, Eri Sawae; Altos: Robin Blaze, Hiroya Aoki, Toshiharu Nakajima, Tamaki Suzuki, Chiharu Takahashi; Tenors: Gerd Türk, Yusuke Fujii, Hiroto Ishikawa, Takayuki Kagami, Makoto Sakurada, Yosuke Taniguchi; Basses: Peter Kooy, Daisuke Fujii, Toru Kaku, Chiyuki Urano, Yusuke Watanabe, Dominik Wörner
Orchestra: Trumpet I: Jean-Francois Madeuf; Trumpet II: Philippe Genestier; Trumpet III: Hidenori Saito; Cornett: Kuniko Ueno; Timpani: Thomas Holzinger; Oboe I/Oboe d’amore I: Masamitsu San'nomiya; Oboe II/Oboe d’amore II: Thomas Meraner, Atsuko Ozaki; Violins 1: Natsumi Wakamatsu [Leader], Mika Akiha, Yuko Takeshima, Ayaka Yamauchi; Violins 2: Azumi Takada, Yuko Araki, Satoki Nagaoka, Ayaka Yamauchi; Violas: Hiroshi Narita, Mika Akiha, Mina Fukazawa, Akira Harada
Continuo: Violoncellos: Hidemi Suzuki, Shuhei Takezawa, Toru Yamamoto; Violones: Takashi Konno, Seiji Nishizawa; Bassoon: Kiyotaka Dosaka; Harpsichord: Mizuho Doi; Organ: Masato Suzuki


Sep 2013

SACD / TT: 65:30
MP3 / TT: 65:19

Recorded at Kobe Shoin Women’s University Chapel, Japan.
Producer: Marion Schwebel (Take5 Music Production); Sound Engineer: Jens Braun (Take5 Music Production); Tuning: Akimi Hayashi; Post-production: Editing and mixing: Marion Schwebel, Hans Kipfer; Executive Producer: Robert Suff.
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Recordings of Sanctus in D major, BWV 241


J.S. Bach: Cantatas BWV 10, BWV 47 & Sanctus BWV 241 [C-2]


Cantatas BWV 10 [23:57], BWV 47 [25:12]
Sanctus in D major, BWV 241 [2:25]

Paul Steinitz

London Bach Society / English Chamber Orchestra

Soprano: Sally Le Sage; Alto: Shirley Minty; Tenor: Nigel Rogers; Bass: Neil Howlett

Oryx BACH-1101
Da Camera Magna 94007
Lyrichord LL-175
Lyrichord LLST- 7175
Lyrichord LEMS-8050

Jun 2-3, 1965

LP / TT: 51:34
LP / TT: 51:34
LP / TT: 51:34
LP / TT: 51:34
2-CD / TT: 49:10
MP3 / TT: 105:31

Recorded at St. Augustine's Church, Hackney, London, England.
The 2-CD Lyrichord album does not include the Sanctus.
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Music Download 2-CD [105:31]: ClassicsOnline


Bach: Missae Breves [V-5]
Bach-2000 Vol. 6 - The Sacred Vocal Works
Bach: Missae Breves, BWV 233-234, 239-241 (Bach 2000 Vol. 73]

Sanctus in D major, BWV 241 [1:57]

Michel Corboz

Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne / Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne




2-CD / TT: 139:00
3-LP / TT:
14-CD/ TT:
CD / TT:

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Erato 2-CD:
Teldec 14-CD:
Teldec: CD: |


Edition Bachakademie Vol. 72 - Sacred Music in Latin II [V-11]


Sanctus in D major, BWV 241 [1:59]

Helmuth Rilling

Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart / Bach-Collegium Stuttgart



Apr 1999

CD / TT: 63:35

Recorded at Stadthalle Sindelfingen, Germany.
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The list of recordings was compiled by Aryeh Oron (December 2008 - August 2015)

Johann Kaspar Kerll: Short Biography | Missa Superba

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