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Coro della Radio Svizzera (Swiss Radio Choir) (Choir)

Founded: 1936 - Switzerland

Coro della Radio Svizzera (The Swiss Radio Choir) of Lugano was founded by Edwin Löhrer in 1936 and over the years has won worldwide reputation, particularly through its radio and disc recordings concerning the Italian repertoire between 16th and 18th Centuries. The Choir appears in formations which vary from Madrigal ensembles to over sixty singers coming from various nations. It is especially tended to performances of Renaissance and Baroque Music. After over forty years under the leadership of Edwin Löhrer, ten years with Francis Travis and three with André Ducret, the Choir is directed since 1993 by Diego Fasolis who has developped a further rich production of concerts and recordings.

Over the years the wide production, with "I monumenti dell'arte italiana", the new Loehrer Edition and the recording conducted by Fasolis, has collected the praise of the specialized press, as well as several awards such as Golden Records, Diapason d'Or, R10, Star of Phonoforum, Monthly Record, Altemusikaktuel, 5 Diapason, Nomination at Grammy Award, Foundation Cini's Final, A of Ama-deus ...

The Choir was in 1998 on tour with J.S. Bach's Motets, and has been defined as the European Top at the well-known Flander's Festival at Bruges : it has at once been invited in 1999 for a new success with Monteverdi's "Il Vespro della Beata Vergine" and for the year 2000 with George Frideric Handel's Messiah.

Being a radiophonic Ensemble, the Choir has a very large repertoire which spans hunderts of compositions of over six Centuries, and in more than 60 years has collected a huge archive of productions.

Guest Directors of great renown have praised the musical and technical qualities of the Choir that, thanks to its flexible structure, feels at its ease in Madrigals as well as in Operas. Contemporary works are also visited with several first per-formances.

In the last years following conductors among others have performed with the Choir : R. Clemencic, Michel Corboz, Serge Baudo, Ton Koopman, Robert King, Gustav Leonhard, A. Lombard, Jean-Claude Malgoire, F. Naef, Andrew Parrot, Michael Radulescu, Helmuth Rilling, N. Rogers, I. Karabchewski, M. Venzago.

The production is committed to the Swiss musicologists Carlo Piccardi and Giuseppe Clericetti. Several production received the scientific support of the Italian musicologist Francesco Luisi.


Source: 24 Hours Bach Website
Contributed by
Aryeh Oron (May 2001)

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