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Tenebrae (Chamber Choir)

Founded: 2001 - England

Hailed as “one of the country’s most outstanding vocal ensembles” (Evening Standard), Tenebrae has established itself as the chamber choir of choice for critics and audiences in the UK and around the world. Founded and directed by Nigel Short, the group blends the passion of a large cathedral choir with the precision of a chamber ensemble to create a unique and enchanting sound, one which is as dazzlingly effective in mediaeval chant as it is in contemporary works. With every performance exploiting the unique acoustic and atmosphere of each venue in which they perform with movement and light, often using candlelight as the sole means of illumination, the carefully chosen team of singers enable the audience to experience the power and intimacy of the human voice at its very best.

Formed in 2001, the group was launched to critical acclaim with a performance of Nigel Short’s own composition, The Dream of Herod. Since then they have collaborated with Sir John Tavener, Karl Jenkins, Pierre Thilloy, Alexander Levine, and Joby Talbot. Their dedication to the music of today is complemented by a commitment to the music of the past; from medieaval chant to Romantic masterworks, they respond to the demands inherent in whatever they sing with equal passion and musicality.

The group has toured all over the world, visiting Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and Bermuda, performing in many renowned festivals (BBC Proms, Montreux Choral Festival, Edinburgh Festival) and tailoring their distinctive performances to many venues (Royal Albert Hall, King’s College Chapel, Lausannes Cathedral). Working with the London Symphony Orchestra under Colin Davis, The English Concert, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Scottish Ensemble, and Endymion Ensemble, the choir have proved themselves as adept at larger orchestral works as the a capella repertoire for which they are so well known.

Recording on the Signum, LSO Live! and Warner Classics labels, the group has so far released twelve albums; from Christmas carols to solemn vespers, their revelatory performances have thrilled listeners across the world and ensured their continued position as one of the world’s favourite choirs.

“... is there any finer chamber choir in Britain today than Nigel Short’s outfit, Tenebrae?”- The Independent

Members of Tenebrae:





Charlotte Ashley
Elenor Bowers-Jolley
Zoë Brown
Jessica Cale
Amy Carson
Grace Davidson
Elizabeth Drury
Joanna Forbes L’Estrange
Alison Hill
Katy Hill
Emilia Hughes
Amy Moore
Emilia Morton
Bethany Partridge
Katie Trethewey
Amy Wood [MB]

Stephen Carter
Nancy Cole
Daniel Collins
Hannah Cooke
Christopher Field
Peter Gritton
Vanessa Heine
Carris Jones
Amy Lyddon
David Martin
Martha McLorinan
Eleanor Minney

Ben Aldenz
Ruari Bowen
Jeremy Budd
Andrew Busher
Guy Cutting
Benedict Hymas
Hugo Hymas
Matthew Long
Nicholas Madden
Nicholas Todd

Matthew Brook
Geoff Clapham
Gabriel Crouch
Nicholas Garrett
William Gaunt
James Holliday
Stephen Kennedy
Andrew Mahon
Ben Parry
Richard Savage
Greg Skidmore
Reuben Thomas
Simon Whiteley

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Source: Tenebrae Website
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Aryeh Oron (December 2012, April-May 2015, September 2015, March 2017)

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