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January 2011

Stefan Heise [Braunschweig, Germany] wrote (January 1, 2011):
first of all I'd like to thank for your excellent homepage. I always look on your sides whenever I search the recording of a Bach cantata. <>

Stefan Heise [Braunschweig, Germany] wrote (January 2, 2011):
<> Thanks once again for your great Bach homepage. It always gives me superb adviceses. <>

Kirk McElhearn [BCML] wrote (January 3, 2011):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< The Bach Cantatas Website (BCW) was launched in its current form and address on December 30, 2000. >
Wow, congrats!

Ehud Shiloni [BCML] wrote (January 3, 2011):
A truly amazing feat, Aryeh.

Old Sebastian would have surely been pleased!

Happy 2011!


Ehud Shiloni

P.S. And a special "Thank You" to Kirk, who had maintained the BCML before Aryeh took over.

Claudio de Veroli [BCML] wrote (January 3, 2011):
Compliments to Aryeh and the others that have made the BWC possible! <>

Eric Basta [BCML] wrote (January 4, 2011):
<> Congratulations and thank you for 10 years with this website!

Harry W. Crosby [BCML] wrote (January 4, 2011):
Aryeh Oron, Sir, words cannot express my gratitude, my debt to you.

I have been a Bach lover since 1957 when I was invalided for nearly six months, laid up and dependent on my disks for entertainment. A friend lent me some disks, among them Mogens Woldike's performance of BWV 29. I was simply carried away. I began buying every Bach cantata disk available locally (San Diego, California). I remember Fritz Werner in particular. And I have been collecting ever since, but never before with the knowledge, the background, the opinions, the arguments that I found on your websites.

The results have been to make me aware of music and aspects of music that I knew not of. I read the equivalent of volumes of the history and analysis of Bach's music that you organized and made available. I learned which of your readers' opinions and tastes worked for me. I have become pen pals with several of them.

Thus, you have contributed more than anyone ever to my nightly encounters with the magic of Bach (and, yes, I will admit, a few other composers -- my disk collection is almost exactly half Bach and half everybody else).

Happy New Year from one of your grateful fans!

Zoukina wrote (January 6, 2011):
I liked your site very much. <>

B.K. McCreath wrote (January 11, 2011):
<> Thanks for the continued great work.

David Ramirer [Painter] wrote (January 11, 2011):
By searching the web i find a pressence of some works that i painted in a very nice and admiring context:

I appreciate the use of my work on your side, thanks a lot for that!
Thanks a lot and thanks for the very interesting webpage about bach!

Arthur Robinson [BCML] wrote (January 12, 2011):
Belated congratulations and neverending thanks, Aryeh!

David Ramirer wrote (January 12, 2011):
>< My profuse congratulations and my continuing gratitude for the ten magnificent years of the Bach Cantatas website!

Charles Bowers wrote (January 18, 2011):
[in his application to join the BCML]
Long used the Cantatas website as a resource and would like now to receive new info as it appears.

C. Songeur [Antwerp, Belgium] wrote (January 18, 2011):
<> Thank you for your internet site.

Stefan Heise [Braunschweig, Germany] wrote (January 21, 2011):
<> I often take a look at your Bach cantatas sides for inspiration which cantata to buy next.

Rienk Blom [Musica Religiosa, the Netherlands] wrote (January 21, 2011):
Musica says, "Hello Mr. Oron, your Bach website is great. I always use it for my radio programm on the Dutch Radio. Musica Religiosa is a Dutch webradio. We will add all the Bach Cantatas to the webradio database. We also have a request function, so people can choose there own favourite music. We are a non commercial broadcasting company. Greetings and thanks for your marvellous job.."


Jacqueline Fay wrote (January 23, 2011):
This site has helped me so many times, its about time I thank you. . .



February 2011

Andrew Redmond [a member of RIAS-Kammerchor] wrote (February 2, 2011):
<> Interesting Website and very informative.

Hans Haller [Karlsruhe, Germany] wrote (February 3, 2011):
<> Thank you for maintaining this wonderful site!

Jacqueline Fay [Montreal] wrote (February 4, 2011):
I am a cellist. I live in Montreal, <>. I always use your site to gain insight for myself, but most recently it has helped me with writing program notes for a small scale free concert series of all Bach cantatas in Montreal. <>

Stefan Saalmink [Cappella Amsterdam] (February 7, 2011):
First of all: what an incredible piece of work, this Bachs Vocal Works agenda! Great work! <>

NazarianMusic wrote (February 9, 2011):
<> Immense thanks for your herculean efforts in keeping this amazing resource up-to-date and active.

Erin Quill wrote (February 11, 2011):
I wanted to thank you for having listed Miss Krebs on your website, she was head of the Dept when I was at school, and an exceptional lady. Your site was quite helpful when I was looking for information on her - in fact, because you have this information, I was able to write a more complete and comprehensive obituary for her, and I, and her other students and colleagues, very much thank you for that.

Paul Stetsenko [Organist, Bach Vespers at Westminster, Alexandria, Virginia, USA] wrote (February 16, 2011):
First of all, many thanks for your incredible Bach Cantatas Website I have been using it for so many years! It is one of the most important websites ever.
Id like to invite you to see the following page, Bach Vespers at Westminster. You are one of the people who inspired me to create this series.

Paul Stetsenko [Organist, Bach Vespers at Westminster, Alexandria, Virginia, USA] wrote (February 17, 2011):
Thank you for your kind e-mail. Your website is so extensive that I had never wandered into the Festivals Page, and it is a major discovery for me. It will take me a whole month just to get through those Festivals alone!
Many thanks, again, for your astounding work, commitment, and kindness!

Your fan,

Dr. JeeYoon Choi [Artistic Director, Bach Festival of Charleston; Director of Music and Senior Organist
First (Scots) Presbyterian Church] wrote (February 18, 2011):
Thank you so much or all your beautiful work on Bach website and including our festival there. <>

Dianne Cox [Ottawa, Canada] wrote (February 22, 2011):
I'm not sure if you are still maintaining the webpage for:

Dom André Laberge (Organ, Harpsichord):

It was delightful to find that page after I heard an excerpt from an album with Dom Laberge playing organ on the Espace Musique (CBC) website.
Thank you for your work.

Jean-Gabriel Puyraveau [Bordeaux, France] wrote (February 24, 2011):
Félicitations pour votre sîte sur les cantates de JS BACH que je fréquente très souvent.

Je viens de découvrir et commander deux disques concernant des cantates qui n'ont pas encore l'air d'être recensés car ils sont récents à savoir:
En espérant que ces informations vous seront utiles, je souhaite longue vie à Bach Cantatas.

Michael Zabanoff [Tenor, Germany] wrote (February 24, 2011):
I appreciate to be present at your web-site ( ) <>


March 2011

Christian Leblé [Coordinator, Les Cantates, Paris, France] wrote (March 4, 2011):
<> All the best, thanks for the huge work you do!

Richard J. Siegel (Composer and Conductor - USA] (March 4, 2011):
<> Off the topic, I was looking through your website....incredible!!! <>

Gabriël G. Smit wrote (March 7, 2011):
Thank you for this great depository of facts and the wonderful way facilitating discussions of the great bach! ,>

Jiumn Lin [ Stams of J.S. Bach Blog & Music Stamps] wrote (March 7, 2011):
Yes I will connect your super website of Bach to mine.
I wish I can build such a super website like yours.

Henry de Jong [St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada] wrote (March 13, 2011):
<> Thanks for considering this and for all your work on the cantatas site.

François Zwang wrote (March 13, 2011):
and thanks again for your website which is so usefull for any Bach Lover. <>

Carley Cohen wrote (March 16, 2011):
My name is Carley and I've been using your links page, I'm a music teacher and one of my students actually brought it to my attention when we were in the computer lab yesterday. We got some good information from it, and I'm bookmarking the page for future reference, so I just wanted to send you a quick thanks!

Robert Killingsworth wrote (March 20, 2011):
<> The file I found to download is an AVI. I watched it last night, and I had your website open on a second computer to identify the eight (!) aria soloists from their photos in the short biographies. Invaluable resource, but you know that. :-)

Yves Dubois [France] wrote (March 27, 2011):
First of all, Many thanks to your website and the needful informations on it. It's been a month since I knew yout site. I think Bach is one of the most interessant musician of all time, but for lack of money, I have few recordings of his work (except organ works).

Douglas Cowling wrote (March 26, 2011):
[Following the announcement of the page: Organs in Places associated with Bach]

Wir danken dir, Areyh!

I don't think I've ever seen all the information compiled in one list before. It's an extraordinary testament to Bach's career as recitalist and consultant. That's a LOT of travel!

Henner Schwerk wrote (March 26, 2011):
Thanks for list of organs. <>

Yves Dubois [France] wrote (March 27, 2011):
First of all, Many thanks to your website and the needful informations on it. <>

Bruce Simonson wrote (March 28, 2011):
Thank you Aryeh. Splendid work on the Bach organ webpage.

Ed Myskowski wrote (March 28, 2011):
Bruce Simonson wrote:
< Thank you Aryeh. Splendid work on the Bach organ webpage. >
Thanks seconded!


April 2011

Marco Bucci wrote (April 19, 2011):
I'm a 'lurker' of the Bach cantatas website, that I use during's a great pleasure to use it! <>


May 2011

Frédérick Nastev [Webmaster, Festival Bach de Belvès, France] wrote (May 8, 2011):
Congratulations for your site.
We found many interesting informations, very useful information there.

Benito Buide [Spain] wrote (May 9, 2011):
I`m a music teacher in a secundary school of Galician, in the norwest of Spain. I like very much all the Bach music. I play the violin and the viola de gamba.
First of all, congratulations for your website. Its amazing.
Im interested in contribute with a galician translation of a cantata made in my school between 3º ESO class (15th years old teenagers) and their galician teacher.

We are going to a educational concert on wednesday, 11th of may. Im going to play the violin with a sopran and the organ of the monastery of Celanova. We are playing the aria of the BWV 211 bach-cantata, the coffe cantata. The pupils will read the text in Galician, like a little dramatic representation, and then we`ll play it.
If you are interested in the traslation please write me to send you.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Karl Miller [Pierian Records] wrote (May 9, 2011):
<> By the way, I have looked at your website often. It is a treasure trove of information.

Bruce Simonson [Artistic Director - Juneau Bach Society, AK, USA) wrote (May 10, 2011):
[Regarding the Section of Bach Festivals & Cantata Series]
By the way, thanks for this part of your website. It's fun, looking at what's going on around the world, regarding live Bach performances.
Thanks for your wonderful website, and your continued effort to keep it current and fresh.

Russel Telfer [Juneau Bach Society, UK) wrote (May 13, 2011):
<> Best wishes for the continued growth of your excellent website.

Manfred Krugmann wrote (May 17, 2011):
some additional dates for your great website : <>

Mark Ellis wrote (May 21, 2011):
First, thanks for all the work you do in maintaining the Bach Cantatas website - much appreciated. <>

Sarah McEvoy [Webmaster of Charles Daniels Society] wrote (May 23, 2011):
I've just been pointed to your website, which looks very good indeed. <>

Jonathan Rohr [Baritone & Lawyer, New York City, NY, USA] wrote (May 24, 2011):
First of all, you run a wonderful website. Congratulations and thank you for the work you do! <>

Genevieve Blanchard [Facebook] wrote (May 29, 2011):
a wonderful website - thank you Aryeh!

Neil Levenson [Facebook] wrote (May 30, 2011):
Very impressive Bach index. many thanks.

Jiumn Lin wrote (May 30, 2011):
<> I see the musicians' bios in your website, it is a great job you and Kaufmann are doing. I can use it for my reference too.


June 2011

Yoël L. Arbeitman wrote (June 1, 2011):
[Ater adding another recording of SMP to the discography pages]
You are amazing, Aryeh. Fabulous job.

Myrna Herzog [Facebook] wrote (June 1, 2011):
<> Yes, Bach cantatas are a kind of synthesis of Music! <>

Dr. Christian Fuhrmeister [Projektreferat - Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, München, Germany] wrote (June 1, 2011):
over the past two years, we have frequently consulted your great Bach Cantatas Website. In particular, we found the entry on Hermann Schey very helpful. <>

Tineke Steenbrink [Facebook] wrote (June 5, 2011):
:dear Aryeh, thank you for your work. Many of my students use the website! best regards,

Tineke Steenbrink
Utrecht, the Netherlands
teacher at Conservatory for harpsichord and vocal coach fosingers in Baroque and German language.

Stefan at Cappella Amsterdam [Facebook] wrote (June 6, 2011):
<> First of all: great work you are doing! <>

Mimi Stillman [Facebook] wrote (June 8, 2011):
Wonderful website! I've used it many times. Thanks for finding me on fbook - now I know who is behindthe Bach Cantatas site!

Miriam Ezust wrote (June 11, 2011):
first: thanks for all your work. I am most grateful. <>

Ian Honeyman [Tenor, England, through Facebook] wrote (June 12, 2011):
<> Congratulations for your work on the Bach website. <>

David Browning [Taminophile Blog] wrote (June 19, 2011):
I love your site, and have often found it a useful source of information. <>

Hanneke van Proosdij w[Facebbok] wrote (June 21, 2011):
Nice to meet you on FB. Love your Bach website! best, Hanneke

Yoël L. Arbeitman wrote (June 21, 2011):
When a person does such fine work on his avocation, one usually asks: "when do you have time for your day job?"
Really outstanding,

Marco Bucci [LinkedIn] wrote (June 23, 2011):
I, I always read from your Bach cantatas site....I'm a Bach cantatas lover, <>

Dr. Martin A. Lobeck [Morsbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany] wrote (June 23, 2011):
<> Your recent action regarding a left column menu is very useful I think.

Sara Vice [Bach Society of Dayton] wrote (June 24, 2011):
Greetings and thank you for your wonderful web resource on Bach. <>

Peter Bowen wrote (June 27, 2011):
Your website is fantastic. My teacher just showed it to me. I have downloaded the voice piano with oboe from BWV 21 with no difficulty. <>

Peter Stoltzfus Berton [Music Director - St. Johns Episcopal Church, West Hartford, CT, USA] wrote (June 30, 2011):
[To Francis Browne & Aryeh Oron] <> With best wishes and continued gratitude for your excellent, detailed resources to the world!


July 2011

Evan Cortens wrote (July 8, 2011):
<> P. S. A lot of work yes, but a great project! Thanks again for a wonderful site, and mailing list!

Jana Slámová wrote (July 8, 2011):
I always read your website with much interest. Thank you very much! <>

Evan Cortens wrote (July 9, 2011):
[After creating the page: Works using the Name BACH (The Bach Motif)]
This looks great!
Looking awesome, amazing work!

Christoph Ullrich [Piano, Germany] wrote (July 15, 2011):
thanks for your very interesting work! You realy must invest a huge amount of time in this! <>

Ed Myskowski [BRML] wrote (July 21, 2011):
Aryeh Oron wrote:
< The discography of various Preludes & Fugues BWV 894-902 on the BCW has been revised & updated:
The discography is arranged chronologically by recording date and includes 70 different recordings. >
I expect that most of us are aware of the efforts Aryeh makes on a continuing basis to maintain and advance the BCW discography as a state-of-the-art publication, as well as a fine example of exchange of information via internet. Thanks, as always. <>

Patrick D. McCoy [Washington, D. C., USA, via Facebook] wrote (July 23, 2011):
<> I love your website <>

David Hitchin wrote (July 24, 2011):
Thanks for adding this entry, and thank you for all of the tremendous amount of information that you have put online.


August 2011

Dr. Patricia Armstrong-Grant [Australia] wrote (August 3, 2011):
Today is my first meeting with your web site. Congratulations, it is of great interest. <>

Carol Gideon [Lynden, Ontario (near Hamilton), Canada] wrote (August 6, 2011):
I wanted to send you an email a month ago when we got back from our own "Bach tour" of Thuringia and Saxony. Thank you for making so much detailed and useful information available to the public on your website. We had the trip of the life-time in June 2011, with your website and Christoph Wolff's books as a guide, and learned more that we imagined. Our trip was scheduled around the International Bach Festival in Leipzig, and I can't say enough about the quality and value of that venue alone. My husband is the Bach connoisseur, but no amount of reading could have equalled printing out your travel itineraries! <>

Andrea J. Saltray wrote (August 11, 2011):
<> Enjoy your site very much!

Sabrina Lanzi [Pianist, Italy] wrote (August 19, 2011):
[After creating bio & recordings pages of her on the BCW]
what an amazing work!!!! I'm very happy thank you! <>

Roberto Russo wrote (August 20, 2011):
<> I visited your incredible web site... what a phantastic work! Thanks for creating that! <>

Peter Breiner [Copmoser, Conductor] wrote (August 22, 2011):
[Regarding his pages on the BCW]
Great job! Fascinating endeavor! Thanks for doing this. I think Bach was the greatest composer ever.

Francis Browne wrote (August 23, 2011):
With some astonishment I realise it is 10 years since I first began to use your website. During that decade the website has grown exponentially both in content and the number of users. This is in very large measure because of your constant care, innovation and commitment. Thanks would be an inadequate word to express the debt of gratitude and appreciation which I and so many other lovers of Bach's incomparable music throughout the world owe to you. I have no doubt you have achieved much else that is worthwhile in your life but what you have done to promote the appreciation of Bach's music is something rare and exceptional. May you continue for another 10 years -at least!

Simone Leitao [Pianist, Brazil, USA] wrote (August 29, 2011):
Thank you so much!
How generous of you to include these two pages about me on your website! I will explore the website further for sure. This is my first recording. I plan on recording more Bach next year.

Dr. Frank Pastore wrote (August 29, 2011):
My name is Frank Pastore. I am a physician in NY and have been reading your comments on the Bach discussion group for years and have enjoyed your work. The website is one of my true pleasures in life and I have loved Bach since I was a child more than 50 years ago.

September 2011

Jesper Lützhøft [Guitarist, Denmark] wrote (September 1, 2011):
<> Very important and fine work you are doing with the website!

Edward Shannon Jeter wrote (September 1, 2011):
Aryeh, Thanks for your monumental efforts re BWV 772-994!

César Salgado García wrote (September 1, 2011):
I believe bach-cantatas deserves the UNESCO World Heritage Site as much as Wikipedia: their petition is at

Carol Spade wrote, via Facebook (September 3, 2011):
I've used your Bach Cantata Website for years, and just realized you have a link to Facebook. The information here is truly extraordinary. It is a commendable project. I don't know how you managed to put it all together.

As you can see if you look at my Facebook page, Bach is a focus in my life. To me, he's the greatest person who ever lived.

I'm very grateful to you.

Peter Seivewright [Pianist, England] wrote (September 4, 2011):
<> I am most pleased to hear from you, and congratulate you on all your work.

Jeremiah Bornfield [Composer, USA] wrote (September 6, 2011):
Hello Aryeh! Thanks for the friendship. I looked over your website. I like it! I am also a great fan of Bach. <>

Nikolai Badinski [Composer, Bulgaria] wrote (September 7, 2011):
Thanks for your work! <>

Michel Stockhem wrote (September 8, 2011):
[Following the announcement 0f 8,000 Bios]
What an incredible work, Aryeh! Congratulations.

Claudio Di Veroli wrote (September 8, 2011):
[Following the announcement 0f 8,000 Bios]
That's great work Aryeh! <>

Douglas Cowling wrote (September 9, 2011):
<> Thanks for all you do.

William Hoffman wrote (September 10, 2011):
[Following the creation of pages of Motets & Chorales for Events in the Lutheran Church Year:]
Dear Aryeh: I think these are good resources, along with the current BCW pages (some awesome work from you and Thomas Braatz), Braatz' Provenance and NBA summaries, Doug Cowling's work on the Lutheran Church Year, various Commentaries, Julian Mincham's essays on each cantata, and Francis Browne's translations and annotations. There are other good Discussion topics such as the Recordings (with notes) as well as topics such as Chafe's Tonal Allegory (in the current BWV 178 Discussion 1 commentary of Braatz), theological themes, the genesis and compositional process of each work, and historical/cultural conditions surrounding the actual compositions. We also could do an updated list of Bach's self-borrowings. While some may think that the BCW on its third discussion cycle is running its course, I think that the BCW is becoming a significant and unique Bach resource for Bach lovers, scholars, performers, students, advocates, friends, fans, junkies, etc.

Warren Prestidge wrote (September 11, 2011):
[After joining the BCML]
I am deligfhted to have found this List. Thank you for including me and congratulations on this wonderful project. <>

Carol Spade wrote on Facebook (September 12, 2011):
[Following the announcement of the pages Motets & Chorales for Events in the Lutheran Church Year:]
That's so informative to someone who does not attend church; let alone the Lutheran Church. and has always been confused in listening to the cantatas, about the meaning and actual time of the liturgical days.

Thanks so much to the three of you,

Lara Manning wrote (September 13, 2011):
Hope I'm not troubling you, but I am writing to you in regards to your page: I just wanted to pass along my thanks for putting this helpful page together! I'm an elementary music teacher and I am working on a classical music unit. I found your page to be very helpful to me in putting together my lesson plans. <>

Jeremiah Bornfield [Composer, USA] wrote (September 14, 2011):
[After creting Bio & Bach-inspired Works of him on the BCW]
This is just fantastic!!! <>

Riccardo Piagentini [Italy] wrote (September 16, 2011):
<> made a digital recreation of how Bach would be today. I hope you like it. If you want, you can publish this image on your beautiful website.

Farhan Malik wrote (September 17, 2011):
I appreciate your good work with the Bach Cantatas website. I especially enjoy at the instrumental recordings section and its inclusion of transcriptions or arrangements. <>

Yoël L. Arbeitman wrote (September 19, 2011):
Your site is becoming more and more where also non-Bach persons go. <>

Steven Hancoff [Guitarist, USA] wrote (September 20, 2011):
I came upon your incredible "Bach Cantatas" website while doing research for a project I am completing, a recording of own transcriptions/arrangements of the Six Suites for Cello Solo by J. S. Bach. <>

Leonardo Garcia Alarcon [Conductor, Argentina] wrote (September 24, 2011):
Je suis honoré de faire part de votre page web Bach Cantatas.
Ma carrière de chef à commencé quand javait 15 ans avec les cantates 131, 77 et 151.
Bach est la seule raison pour moi dêtre musicien et je vous remercie pour votre travail, cest formidable.

Marc Paré [Admin - Early Music News] wrote (September 29, 2011):
[Following the announcement of the article Bach and the Snake-Fire-Sprayers - Fire-Fighting Regulations and Equipment During Bachs Time in Leipzig by Thomas Braatz]
What a terrific article! To me it does put into context the practices of the day. It does give us insight on these practices that will help us understand more completely the Bach that we know today.

I have noted the article on for our readers to enjoy as well. Although I do not have Thomas Braatz' email address, I am sending you a note of the article as it was read on the mailinglist. Feel free to suggest any modifications to the article. As well, I have left a link to the Bach Cantata website as you have noted in your note to the list.

Pat Krol [Executive Director, Emmanuel Music, Boston, MA, USA] wrote (September 29, 2011):
We are grateful to the Bach cantata website for making Bach events available to the world. <>

Réjean Poirier [Organist & harpsichordist, Canada] wrote (September 30, 2011):
Thank you for adding me to your site. You have done a wonderful job in presenting me.
You are doing a great job for Bach lovers, I really appreciate your commitment.


October 2011

Serhan Bali [Editor of Andante magazine, Turkey] wrote (October 1, 2011):
<> I follow Bach Cantatas web site and very pleased to know that it's going from strength to strength. <>

Debbie Rigg [Administrator, The Sarum Consort, Salisbury, UK] wrote (October 1, 2011):
<> Thank you for all the work you do on the Bach Cantatas website - it is the most fantastic resource.

Jung Jin Baek wrote (October 3, 2011):
My name is Jung Jin Baek, a DMA student of Choral Conducting program at CCM in U of Cincinnati.

First, I would like to say thank you for your incredible contribution on BCW.
It has been a great guide and help to my journey to know Bach for a long time.

Also, having Bach's Quinquagesima Cantatas for my document project, it couldn't be possible without this website.
By the way, I am attaching the article by Peter Wollny in P. Herreweghe's recording (Jesu deine Passion: BWV 23, 23, 127, 159); I typed it for my reference source.
If you want, you may add this to the commentary page in BCW where I've got many important ideas, too.

Thank you,

Jane Solose [Pianist, USA] wrote (October 4, 2011):
<> Thanks for you work on the Bach Cantatas Website. <>

Martin Feisnstein [Conductor, England] wrote (October 5, 2011):
[Following the addition of his Bach Cantata concerts to the Schedule]
Thank you for this. What an amazing job you are doing!

Sometimes I wonder how this great repertoire can be so neglected. But looking at your website, I see I am not alone in loving this music! <>

Melanie C. [BCML] wrote (October 6, 2011):
Thank you Aryeh Oron for all your work. These pages are a treasure. I have only a passing experience with the Cantatas of Bach. Most of my playing has been limited to chorales to fill in time needed in services as I sit at the organ. I've learned so much and hope to continue to learn as I read what is here. Please understand that I have not posted much as I quickly saw how little I know and could contribute, but truly appreciate.

William Hoffman wrote (October 6, 2011):
Thank you for your incredible stewardship of the BCW, especially the recordings and discussions. <>

Dale Higbee [Carolina Baroque] wrote (October 10, 2011):
<> Music has always been my passion, and Bach and Handel are my favorite composers, so I really appreciate your fabulous Bach Cantatas website.

Stephan Rusconi [Elgg, Switzerland] wrote (October 6, 2011):
Thank you for you wonderfull Bach-Site. <>

Ed Myskowski wrote (October 15, 2011):
<> The ongoing discographic details are superb!

Paul Banks [Blyth, Northumberland, UK] wrote (October 21, 2011):
Firstly, can I thank you for such an excellent site, I often visit it and especially as I now have the complete Bach Cantata recording set by JEG and the Monteverdi Choir. <>

Bradley Lehman wrote (October 30, 2011):
<> Thanks again for your tireless work on this resource!


November 2011

Susan M. Marchese [Facebook] wrote (Nbovember 2, 2011):
<> Reviewed your website and was impressed with the comprehensive content. Look forward to learning more about you and your work. Best wishes for continued success.

Jeanie Smith wrote (November 4, 2011):
[After adding the Bio page of the mezzo-soprano Rebecca Ringle]
Fantastic! We're excited to have been a part of that. What a great sityou have.

Ed Myskowski wrote (November 4, 2011):
<> Thanks for your dedication, the discography is absolutely the best!

Ed Myskowski wrote (November 6, 2011):
IMO, the state of the art for discography. A nice example of folks working together, as well.

Marco a.k.a. Zadok wrote (November 6, 2011):
[After adding Bio & Discography pages of the harpsichordist Fernabdo De Luca]
<> I'll inform him about your great work.

Arie Ron wrote (November 10, 2011):
A dear person passed away these days and I searched in the web for a reliable translation of Bach's Cantata # 159, specifically the Bass and Oboe Aria "Es ist Vollbracht" and the Choral thereafter...For me these two present my deep grief best. I specially like young Fischer Dieskau's performance with Forester. I was surprised by the accurate and beautiful translation into Hebrew as done by yourself.


David Branner wrote (November 13, 2011):
I continue to enjoy your site. I've planted a tiny plug for it in this little posting:

David Bellugi [Professor at "Luigi Cherubini" Conservatory of Music] wrote, via Facebook (November 15, 2011):
<> I've admired and used your website many times! Thank-you for all of the work that you have put into it!

Miriam Ezust wrote (November 25, 2011):
<> Thank you for all of your wonderful work!

Sabine Müller [Bach-Festival Arnstadt] wrote (November 25, 2011):
<> Thank you very much for updating your website. We really appreciate your work!

Dr. Walter Hilbrands [Dean of studies, German School of Theology, Gießen, Germany] wrote (November 29, 2012):
<> In the German Wikipedia we made a nice list from all Bach cantatas. Meanwhile there appeared about 120 articles about Bach cantatas. In two years we will have short articles about all Bach cantatas: Bach cantatas website:

The Bach cantatas website is very helpful and were always linking to this fabulous source of information.

David Gordon [Tenor, USA] wrote (November 30, 2011):
[Regarding the section Bach Festivals & Cantata Series and the list of known dates of Bach Festivals around the world in 2012]
You have done a wonderful job. Bravissimo!


December 2011

Carlos Eduardo Vieira [Conductor, Sao Paulo, Brazil] wrote (December 1, 2011):
So nice to discover your website.
Thanks for all your help to Bach performers.

Elisabeth Reischl [Künstlerische Planung (Artistic Planning), Wiener Konzerthaus - Vienna, Austria) wrote (December 13, 2011):
Thank you for this request indeed I know your website and have consulted it several times already. <>

Anne Voisin [Discothèque Centrale de Radio France] wrote (December 16, 2011):
<> thank you and be blessed for your job !!!!!

Jana Slámová wrote (December 19, 2011):
I wish to thank you again very much for your excellent Johann Sebastian Bach Home Page! I always read it with much interest. <>

Henner Schwerk [BCML] wrote (December 20, 2011):
The reference heading said "Cantatas in church" - let me tell you, that in my congregation we perform every sunday a Bach Cantate during the Sunday service.

This project takes one (liturgical) year, we started on the first sunday in Advent four weeks ago. next week we will have of course BWV 248 I and 248 II on 25th and 26th december.

The website helps me a lot - Thank you very much for it!

I wish a blessed christmas to all of you,

Daniel Moerner wrote (December 24, 2011):
<> Thank you so much for all your hard work on bach-cantatas and the mailing lists. It's a wonderful resource.

Martha Poinar Nygaard [Daughter of George Poinar] wrote (December 24, 2011):
<> Thank you for caring and you did a wonderful job updating dad's biography!

Istvan Zador [Hungary] wrote (December 25, 2011):
[Following the addition of the page Budapest Bach Weeks]

Thanks a lot for your immediate updating. <>

Harry W. Crosby wrote (December 25, 2011):
<> Thank you again for the ongoing wonders you are bringing to so many of us! Harry


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