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Part 5: Year 2004

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January 2004

Sigi Staderman wrote (January 1, 2004):
<snip> The part of the Abu Gosh festival pertaining to the Bach Cantatas website has been brought to my attention a short while ago by a German tourist and now my nephew showed me your website "live" on his computer. I am full of admiration the way you assigned to our hero Johann Sebastian Bach in bringing all his works on your website. <snip>

Dale Higbee [Carolina Baroque] wrote (January 5, 2004):
[After updating the list of his publications]
Many thanks. I am in awe of your virtuosity on the computer!

Richard Sams [Japan] wrote (January 5, 2004):
Happy New Year to you too. I have just joined the Bach cantatas mailing list after regularly reading the discussions in the archives for about six months now. I recently completed my collection of sacred cantatas (centering around the BCJ series), so I thought it was about time I joined. <snip> I have only been listening seriously to Bach for the past two years (and to the sacred cantatas less than a year), so I feel quite in awe of some of the erudite contributors to this list, including yourself. <snip> Your comparative reviews of different recordings of the cantatas have been a great pleasure to read and very helpful to me in my selections.

Uri Golomb wrote (January 5, 2004):
<snip> For cantatas, I'm going to list in my discography only some basic details (the volume number in complete series, year of recording, names of choir and orchestra); and I'm thinking of referring my readers to your site for more complete information. Notwithstanding the absence of catalogue numbers, it's really one of the most impressive discographical resources I've come across.

Peter Bright wrote (January 6, 2004):
<snip> By the way, as I have mentioned at previous times, I am bowled over by the quality of this site and I feel honoured to have my name and postings included in it.

Paul Yoder [Artistic director, West Valley Chorale] wrote (January 7, 2004):
Congratulations on a wonderful site! <snip>

Zamir Bar-Lev [Reutlingen, Germany] wrote (January 7, 2004):
Congratulations for the great work with bach-cantatas and a question from Zamir Bar-Lev in Germany

By chance I found this interessting homepage and I want to say thank you for doing what you do!

My father Assaf Bar-Lev is a bassonist and he was among the first musicians to perform in Abu Gosh "christian" Church music in the fifty´s and early sixties. Today my Sister Saida Bar-Lev is very active with Chana Zur in the Abu Gosh Festival and I myself have participated twice.

I am 31y. and I live in Reutlingen near Stuttgart. Although I am singing in Choirs as a tenor since I am 16y. old I never really tried singing Aria´s of the Bach Cantatas as a soloist. <snip>

Carol wrote (January 8, 2004):
[From a discussion in the BCML]
I just acquired the Herreweghe Cantatas 2, 20 170, and the new "Christmas Cantatas from Leipzig", and now, thanks to the terrific Cantata Website and Aryeh Oron (and Matthew Westphal and all others who contributed), am awaiting my first of Suzuki's Cantatas, Volumes 5 and 9, which received mostly good reviews. I'm trying to acquire all the cantatas and other vocal works. It takes a little research to find recordings which don't contain cantatas I already have (probably about 60, at this point). Don't yet know why they aren't numbered chronologically, but I'll find out the reason and the method of numbering soon on my own. <snip>

Ariel Dascal wrote (January 8, 2004):

Jan Durrant [Making Music Now] wrote (Januarty 8, 2004):
I just visited your website and was very impressed with the quality of your musical content. The information was well organized and easy to navigate. Since I am looking for other music sites with relevant musical information for link exchange purposes, I would be honored to put your link on my links page.

My name is Jan Durrant and I am a music publisher, composer and teacher. I have written an adult beginning piano course and am marketing it online. My site is a music education site which focuses on learning to read and perform piano/keyboard music. <snip>

Andrew Koll [Director, The Real Bach Society, Australia] wrote (January 9, 2004):
Thanks for you email today. I am very glad to see that some Australian performances are starting to make their way onto your list. Thank you for this and once again well done on your Bach Cantatas website - it has been very useful for me (I do public lectures on Bach's music) to find information of all sorts and I'm sure many people on the Real Bach Society mailing list have been making good use of it also. <snip>

Douglas Neslund [Bach_Cantatas] wrote (January 9, 2004):
[Following the message ‘The Bach Cantatas Website celebrates its 3rd anniversary’]
Heartiest congratulations on your website's 3rd Anniversary. It remains the place" to go for information regarding the greatest composer of all time

Best wishes, and Happy 4th Year!

Jack Botelho [BeginnersBach] wrote (January 9, 2004):
[Following the message ‘The Bach Cantatas Website celebrates its 3rd anniversary’]
It is an honour to have you on this list, and I would, along with many others, express my appreciation for all the work you have done with the Bach Cantatas website: I have been finding it a gold mine of information, and it is a favourite site to visit and browse. <snip>

Olle [Bach_Cantatas] wrote (January 10, 2004):
[Following the message ‘The Bach Cantatas Website celebrates its 3rd anniversary’]
Many appreciations to you and your website !
It is so lucky that I can meet with the greatest Bach's music in my this life, and learn almost everything from your website when I listen and study Bach.
Wishing you the best!

Matthew Neugebauer [Bach_Cantatas] wrote (January 10, 2004):
< Heartiest congratulations on your website's 3rd Anniversary. It remains the place" to go for information regarding the greatest composer of all time >
(almost) wholehaertedly agreed (see my e-mail address!)

Arjen van Gijssel wrote (January 11, 2004):
[After adding music example from Motet BWV 226 Der Geist hilft performed by Laurenscantorij Rotterdam the Netherlands, 2001]
You're great. Quelle vitesse!

Jean-Pierre Grivoix wrote (January 11, 2004):
<snip> …just to thank you for the wonderful job you make. <snip>

Claudia Patacca [Soprano, Holland] wrote (January 12, 2004):
I was happely surprised to find my CV and photo's on your site. The site looks very good, my compliments!
Thank you very much and good luck with your website.

Marcus Song [BCML] wrote (January 12, 2004):
[From a discussion of the Motet BWV 225]
Although I have heard "Singet dem Herrn" many times on my Archiv recording with Hanns-Martin Schneidt and the Regensburger Domspatzen, thanks to Aryeh's incweb-site resource I was able to download the full-score and view it for the first time with the/ music and discover some of the ingenious architecture Bach designed that my poor ears never noticed! <snip>

Christella Bernardene Krebs [Helmut Krebs] wrote (January 13, 2004):
<snip> and continue your great work for J.S. Bach....

Thomas Radleff [Die Kunst der Fuge] wrote (January 15, 2004):
[Feedback to reporting of link’s ] change
Thanks for your attention. Melita will post the correct link to this indispensable site as soon as possible.

Nicholas Haggin wrote (January 16, 2004):
For some time now, I have been browsing the public archives of the BCML which you so generously provide, and have occasionally considered joining, since I, too, rather enjoy the music of our beloved Herr Bach. <snip>
Thank you for your work as maintainer of the list and the Bach Cantatas Website; it's been a useful resource for me, and many others.

Francis Browne wrote (January 17, 2004):
<snip> The listing of recordings of non-vocal works is yet another splendidly useful innovation for the website. Many thanks.

Thomas Radleff [BRML & Die Kunst der Fuge] wrote (January 18, 2004):
[Following announcement of adding a list of AOF’s recordings]
That´s GREAT !!
If I were a composer, I´d dedicate a Grand Fugue to you!
Many thanks for your courage for compiling an AoF discography. (Actually Melita & me were thinking about undertaking something similar on our site, but now you launched it already - o.k., so everything by Bach can be found under the same roof.
But why not aiming at a similar comprehensiveness with it? Let´s try. I think I have many new items to contribute, and some additional informations or alternative cover pics for those that are already listed.

Looking forward to an effective collaboration,

Zev Bechler [BRML] wrote (January 18, 2004):
What a great idea !! <snip>

Fumitaka Sato wrote (January 18, 2004):
I am always overwhelmed by your stunning efforts and fabulous work about Bach's music.

This time I am, as usual, impressed by your work of editing AOF recordings list. <snip>

Bradley Lehman wrote (January 18, 2004):
Terrific start to a discography! <snip>

Giuseppe Frappa [Italy] wrote (January 18, 2004):
I'd like to express you my gratitude and esteem for the design of the site devoted to Bach's Cantatas. It is really a huge piece of work! In my opinion it is the most valuable contribution to the knowledge of Bach's music on the web. In particular, I think that the pdf scores of the Cantatas and of the vocal works are really precious. It is a most valuable resource for all Bach lovers. It must have been really hard work to acquire all those thousands of pages! <snip>

Thomas Radleff wrote (January 19, 2004):
[After updating the discography of Die Kunst derr Fuge BWV 1080)
Wizard !

What a surprise when I noticed that you´ve posted already all these additions that I suggested. Congratulations! <snip>

Edward Marsh [Conductor, All Saints’ Chamber Choir, England] wrote (January 19, 2004):
Fab website! Only discovered it the other day - have also joined list - not yet posted. <snip>

Alexander Keuk [Dresdner Kammerchor, Gemany] wrote (January 21, 2004):
It is a WONDERFUL website with a vast amount of information! Very good. As a member of the Dresden Chamber Choir (Dresdner Kammerchor) I was pleased to see that we are represented on Your website. <snip>
Thanks for Your efforts
Wishing You further success with the cantatas-website !!

Dale Higbee [Carolina Baroque] wrote (January 23, 2004):
I hope you can add this recent photo of me by the local newspaper to my bio on your fabulous Bach Cantatas website. <snip>

Dale Higbee [Carolina Baroque] wrote (January 23, 2004):
WOW! You sure are FAST! I've been working on the computer, and then checked your website for some things, as I am going to get the Carolina Baroque website updated this evening - and you've already made the changes I requested.


Lee A. Morgan [Mezzo-soprano & Trainer, Winston-Salem, Northe Carolina, USA] wrote (January 23, 2004):
Dale Higbee from Carolina Baroque forwarded to me information about your website, including a link to my listing on it. Thanks so much for putting this information on your site. And it's a very nicely done site. <snip>

Lee A. Morgan [Mezzo-soprano & Director/Conductor of Hyperion Singers] wrote (January 24, 2003):
[After updating her biography]
Great! I'll add the information the next time I get a chance to work on the site. I love the connection between Bach and jazz in your thinking. One of my favorite coaching tips I've ever received from a conductor was when I was preparing to sing the alto solos in the B-Minor Mass and the conductor - to keep me from singing too heavily - told me to think more of how Ella Fitzgerald would sing the pieces. It immediately put everything into place. :-)

<snip> Thanks so much!

Dale Higbee [Carolina Baroque] wrote (January 25, 2004):
Thanks again for adding the new photo and having the list of my publications. <snip>

Graham Lieschke [ St. Johns Church, Melbourne, Australia] wrote (January 27, 2004):
Thanks for your e-mail proposing some links between St Johns Southgate Lutheran Church, Melbourne, and your web resources. I have already benefitted from your webpage as an entry-point for internet Bach information – thanks for your work. <snip>

Rubén Dubrovsky
[Bach Consort Wien, Wien, Austria] wrote (January 30, 2004):
I always wanted to congratulate you for the wonderful homepage. It Ii really helpful! Now I have the chance to do it, and to add a little contribution:
Thank you for a great job for Bach friends!

Lee A. Morgan [Mezzo-soprano & Director/Conductor of Hyperion Singers] wrote (January 30, 2003):
[After updating links page]
It looks great! Thanks so much.

Barry Murray wrote (January 31, 2004):
[Following announcement of adding a list of GV’s recordings]
What an impressive list of recordings!! <snip>

Fumitaka Sato wrote (January 31, 2004):
Thanks for the list, it is stimulating. <snip>


February 2004

Jon Ahlquist wrote (February 5, 2004):
I am in a choir that has just started working on cantata #99. Yesterday, I discovered your wonderful Web site devoted to the Bach cantatas. <snip>

Thank you for providing so much very useful information!

Ehud Shiloni wrote (February 7, 2004):
[After adding discography of the Toccatas BWV 910-915]

Luisa & Rod Wright wrote (February 8, 2004):
What a pleasure to come across your biography and pictures of Austrian mezzo soprano Angelika Kirchschlager! Since our attendance at her April 2003 recital in Geneve, then at the Schubertiade/Schwarzenberg, Vienna for Nozze, and her recent recital in Brussels (Jan. 27), we have searched thousands of sites via Google, Yahoo, Jeeves, Fireball/DE, etc., and now through Google/Images have found you. <snip>

Congratulations again on your most helpful material on Ms. Kirchschlager <snip>

Haggai Hitron [Ha’aretz] wrote (February 10, 2004):

Carol [BCML] wrote (February 11, 2004):
I'm sorry, having just joined your website, not to have listened yet to the motets, but, unfortunately, own none. I must tell you that I'm astounded at how staggeringly thorough, accurate and complex your list is, going back to the 40's and in some cases, the early 1900's. I even saw a children's recording we have called, "Mr. Bach Comes to Call". So I have been feeling very guilty that I haven't at least written to say I'listening to the motets. Your post prompted me to tell you how appreciative I am that you have put this work into helping us.
My most sincere thanks to you,

David E. Stephenson [Langenfeld, Germany] wrote (February 11, 2004):
I have recently discovered your excellent web-site on Bach's Cantatas, and have explored far less than 1% of its contents. Your dedication is simply overwhelming. <snip>

Vitaliy Grynko wrote (February 14, 2003):
I am a great Bach connoisseur and amateur performer, especially of his organ and harpsichord works. Your site was quite a found for me with much of interesting material - the cantatas of the great Master are really worth it. The "Scores" section also offers much of the things I am in need of <snip>

Vitaliy Grynko wrote (February 15, 2003):
Thanks a lot for your kind, quick and all-explaining responce. I nearly guessed as much, to tell the truth, for the site is really good and it's no wonder it attracts so many visitors. <snip>

Good luck and all the best.

Bob Hayman wrote (February 15, 2004):
Please allow me to let you know how helpful your website is to me in my personal study of Bach's choral music. <snip>

Noam Porat wrote (February 16, 2004):
Shalom Aryeh,

Excellent site. <snip>

Rod Wright wrote (February 17, 2004):
<snip> Many thanks for your kind attention; some of my A.K.-related friends on the Web speak highly of your Bach site. Again, congratulations! All the best,

Eddie Jensen wrote (February 17, 2004):
Since the scores section of your wonderful website will be down until Friday, 20 February, 2004, <snip>

Wangmo Whitethorn [Australia] wrote (February 17, 2004):
Great site, most interesting! <snip>

Noam Porat wrote (February 17, 2004):
<snip> Again, the site looks good; one would expect to find it managed from Leipzig or so.. finding an Israeli name at the bottom of the site is a good surprise.

In Bach's eternal beauty.

Giovanni Bruni [Rome, Italy] wrote (February 17, 2004):
First of all, let me thank you for your wonderful site about bach music... thanks a lot. <snip>

Aya Mertens wrote (February 17, 2004):
Hello, thank you for your mail and for updating the bio so quickly! Really, I admire your work - the website is such a source of information and it looks very, very good. <snip>

Rod Wright wrote (February 18, 2004):
[After adding photos he sent to Angelika Kirchschlager’s bio]
Dear Aryeh, I was most impressed with your fast work. You obviously know much more about PCs and sites than I do. The quality of the pictures you put on the site was quite good -- really not much difference between the 922 kb (Zerlina) and some of the 12 kb.s. <snip>

Sw Anandgyan wrote (February 19, 2004):
<snip> You are good.

Sw Anandgyan wrote (February 20, 2004):
From the information I can glean on the CD liner notes and your immense website, the music on this Kathleen Ferrier Bach Arias has already been issued on other labels (V1 and V6).
Many kudos to you !

Tony [BCML] wrote (February 21, 2004):
I've just had a look at your Bach website. Congratulations - I think it's just wonderful, and a significant gift to the musical community! <snip>

Matthew Neugebauer wrote (February 21, 2004):
< I am looking for a copy of Johann Sebastian Cantata or other compositions with musical notes......can you help me find one.... >
as in scores? All of the cantatas and other vocal works are available in full score from the BG Edition in PDF format (i.e. can be read in acrobat reader), and the cantatas are also available in vocal-piano version, from Aryeh's outstanding site:

hope this helps!

Dale Gedcke wrote (February 23, 2004):
I am familiar with your devout Bach Cantatas dedication from the discussion web site of the same name (of which I am a member). I note that you sign you name as "Bach and Jazz Music Fan". <snip>

Pooya Faragaradi wrote (February 25, 2004):
I am one of your visitors, you have a grateful site <snip>

Anne Vriend wrote (February 25, 2004):
<snip> Thanks for your help, and congratulations for keeping up your hard work.

Hans Van der Plaetse wrote (February 27, 2004):
I' am a member of a small group of Flemish (Belgium) Bach students, studying each month one Kantate. In order not to spoil our original scores, we used to copy them from the Bach Site and added annotations on these scores.
Appreciating your work very much!

Alan J. Melvin wrote (February 27, 2004):
<snip> In any case, thank you for your very informative site. I appreciate and admire your hard work and dedication to Bach.

Friedbert Schmidt wrote (February 27, 2004):
Fine site, the! I visit it often. <snip>

Dr. Bat-sheva Rubinstein wrote (February 29, 2004):
Thank you for your great Bach website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <snip>

Dr. Jean-Pierre Kains [Bruxelles, Belgium] wrote (February 29, 2004):
<snip> NB: congratulations for your great website, Kol Hakavod!


March 2004

Fiume wrote (March 8, 2004):
I hope that by many years more it follows website working, since it is of much utility. Congratulations! Pardon by my English.

Santiago Cumplido wrote (March 8, 2004):
Congratulations on your fantastic web site. I discovered recently and i was very happy and exited to find the scores of the cantatas en specially those for orchestra. To analize and score-read the orchestration and many other sutilties <snip>

Helen (Drew) Muse wrote (March 9, 2004):
Firstly I must say that I think your site is fab! <snip>

Peter Büssers [Germany] wrote (March 10, 2004):
First I want to say you that your website is a great site about bachs cantatas.

Rob Potharst [Amsterdam, Holland] wrote (March 11, 2004):
<snip> You do so much work for the Bach Cantatas Website...

Gastón A. Taylor [Buenos Aires, Argentina] wrote (March 13, 2004):
Hello, my name is Gastón Taylor and I´m a Bach fan from Argentina.

First of all I´d like to thank you for such a magnificent project, your page is the Bible for any musician and music lover. <snip>

Again, I want to thank you for your brilliant idea and give you my best wishes.

Dr. Thomas Maretzki [Hawaii] wrote (March 16, 2004):
<snip> nice to know about your work and to read the Django Reinhardt quotation. Aloha,

Eduard van Hengel [Holland] wrote (March 16, 2004):
When I know of Dutch translations I certainly bring them to your magnificent site (which I use more for the information than for the commentaries). <snip>

Jan P. Kloos wrote (March 17, 2004):
I noticed your extensive research regarding Bach Cantatas and performers <snip>

Paul Dirmeikis [BRML] wrote (March 21, 2004):
[Following the announcement of a new section: Guide to Bach Tour]
All my congratulations for this incredible work (once again !) Do you sleep sometimes ?

Pieter Pannevis [Holland] wrote (March 21, 2004):
For your continuing effort!
Pieter from Holland
Have Bach each day of your life !

Olle Hedström [Sweden] wrote (March 21, 2004):
Your collection of Bachmaterial on the Bach Cantata Website for journeys in Bach's footsteps is awesome to look through. Impressing to say the least.
Keep up the good Bachwork.

Ann-Christine Mecke wrote (March 21, 2004):
Two weaks ago I had to make a speech about Bach's Choir. For the preparation, I profited a lot of your wonderful Website, especially from the list of recordings. Thank you very much for all your work for this Site! <snip>

John Pike wrote (February 21, 2004):

Ann-Christine Mecke wrote (March 22, 2004):
<snip> Thank you very much for mentioning me on your so informative and interesting site!

Marie Jensen [Denmark] wrote (March 23, 2004):
What a wonderful Bach tour site you have made. <snip>

Peter Kupfer [New York, USA] wrote (March 23, 2004):
Your site is truly remarkable. I have recommended it to many colleagues. As a violinist who specializes in early music, I perform these Cantatas year-round (when I'm lucky). <snip>

Alberto Garotta wrote (March 24, 2004):
I really appreciate your site, it's a wonderful mine of information related Bach works. <snip>

Sw Anandgyan [Bach_Cantatas] wrote (M26, 2004):
<snip> Praise be to the Bach Cantatas Website for I'm able to learn from contributors from the late 90's 'till now. <snip>

Francis Browne wrote (March 28, 2004):
<snip> Many thanks for your continuing and innovative work on the BCW. Your latest project on Bach trips almost makes me want to go to Germany rather than Italy – but that really would be carrying devotion to Bach too far.

Maura Janton Cock [Adjunct Instructor of Music, The Bach Institute at Valparaiso University] wrote (March 29, 2004):
<snip> I appreciate your help and your adding our Bach Institute to your web page.

Gabriele Gallizia [Opera Italiana] wrote (March 31, 2004):
First of all I'd like to congratulate for your site <snip>

Rob Ekkers [Philharmonisch Koor Toonkunst Rotterdam] wrote (March 31, 2004):
<snip> I included a link to your site and wish you much success.


April 2004

Jill Gunsell [BCML] wrote (April 1, 2004):
Many thanks to all who responded to my question, and to Aryeh for the biog on the website. <snip>

Wolfgang Jockusch, Th.M. [Claremont, CA, USA, web: Gaudebo] wrote (April 2, 2004):

I'm sure you must have heard this a couple of times already: I just wanted to congratulate you to your extraordinary website. It is a great resource, which I have just found recently. Keep up the good work.

I see that you are located in Israel. So, let me just wish you all the best and, most important, peace. Shalom!

Wolfgang Jockusch, Th.M. [Claremont, CA, USA, web: Gaudebo] wrote (April 2, 2004):
<snip> But again, your site is extremely well done.

Charles Francis wrote (April 5, 2004):
<snip> Thanks again for the brilliant cantata web site! <snip>

Glen Wilson wrote (April 5, 2004):
<snip> Thank you for your very interesting site.

Bruce Simonson wrote (April 8, 2004):
Thank you so much for coordinating a wonderful web site.
Thanks again for a web site of real value.

Betty Hauck [Violist] wrote (April 15, 2004):
I am tremendously devoted to Bach Cantatas and your website is a great service, filled with riches, <snip>

David Breeden wrote (April 19, 2004):
<snip> Your site is wonderful and breathtakingly comprehensive--a perfect tribute to the greatest of musicians. Thank you for your gift to the musical world.

Thomas Manhart wrote (April 21, 2004):
I come from the Austrian border, btw munich and salzburg, but for 4 years I am living in singapore. It was a bit diaspora work for a bach lover in the first place, but now, end of this year, we gonna perform for the first time Jesu, meine Freude, and next year, I have scheduled several canatata concerts. Only your site gave me the final motivation to really do it here, it's like the complete research lab if you have no proper library like here in singapore.

Peter Kupfer [Bach Vespers] wrote (April 21, 2004):
Thank you for adding the Bach Vespers series ( to the concert listing. What a resource for Bach lovers, and a wonderful way to promote Bach concerts.
Thank you again for your terrific work.

Sw Anandgyan wrote (April 24, 2004):
[After adding his profile to rhe Member Profiles page]
Shalom Aryeh

You're good !

Thomas Shepherd [BCML] wrote (April 24, 2004):
Thank you very much Aryeh for … your continued enthusiasm and generous support as 'web-master'.

John Reese [BCML] wrote (April 30, 2004):
Introducing Myself

My name is John Reese. I've been lurking for a few weeks and thought I'd take this opportunity to jump in. I'm a composer who does some software development on the side, since ten dollars a year in royalties doesn't really pay the bills. ;)

I've been hooked on Bach cantatas since singing the opening chorus from BWV 79 in high school choir. In fact, in my student composition years, I tried to emulate Bach's style in every conceivable way, including my manuscript. OK, I was a little naive back then, and was quickly broken of the habit.

Nevertheless, I still like to write in the style of Bach every now and then. I'm currently working on a reconstruction of several Bach cantatas where only the text has survived. I don't know if this will ever be of interest to anyone but myself, but in the meantime I'm having a blast doing it.

This project has involved a lot of research, and the bach-cantatas website, as well as this list, has proved a valuable resource.

I hope to contribute (and learn) more in the near future.

Don't let me interrupt. Please, continue as before. :)


May 2004

Jörn Grüel [Member of Kammerchor "Maria am Wasser", Pirna OT Birkwitz, Germany] wrote (May 2, 2004):
First of all: thousands of thanks for your great work at !!! <snip>

Davide Cortese wrote (May 2, 2004):
Congratulations for the site about Bach's Cantatas. <snip>

Matthias Hansen [Chemnitz, Germany] wrote (May 3, 2004):
Sie schreiben auf Ihrer (sehr informativen) Website, <snip>

Nicolette Moonen [The Bach Players] wrote (May 4, 2004):
I was 'googling' my ensemble 'The Bach Players' and came across your site where I see you have kindly included us. It seems an interesting site and I am intrigued to know who you are. <snip>

Brian Stephens [Penarth, UK] wrote (May 7, 2004):
I have in the past enjoyed your site very much and recommended it to many friends, but since a computer crash I had lost the reference and was busy on other things, However I have found it again <snip>

Chuck Henderson [WMMA Bach Festival, New Hampshire, USA] wrote (May 14, 2004):
I'm the volunteer webmaster for the WMMA Bach Festival in New Hampshire <snip> Your site is a tremendous resource.

Dr. Joseph K. Rosenblum wrote (May 15, 2004):
I found your Bach Cantatas Website while surfing and looking for information regarding Matthaus Passion.
I just wanted to thank you and say humbly that this is undoubtedly one of the best sites I have ever seen.
I wish you all the best and hope that you keep this site "alive" and updated.

Allen Hackett [Northern California, USA] wrote (May 17, 2004):
Thank you for your great website that has made my journey into the world of Bach choral music so enjoyable. <snip>

Sandy Burnett [Music Director, West London Bach Consort and Players , England] wrote (May 19, 2004):
Well done on maintaining an excellent website, which I have been dipping into for some years now. <snip>

Chuck Henderson [WMMA Bach Festival, New Hampshire, USA] wrote (May 20, 2004):
You are so prompt. I put up a quick link on our site and will add your additional material when I decide how to format it. I may end up with with a separate links page to accomodate descriptions. Here is more information on the Cantatas in case you need it. To have some international exposure is quite a thrill. Thank you.

Albert LeDoux [DMA, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, USA] wrote (May 20, 2004):
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the director of the Bach Society of Houston, a professional choir and orchestra, and of the music program at Christ the King Lutheran Church. Your website is a fantastic tool, as the cantatas of Bach form the core of our repertoire. I've been lurking on the Cantata Mailing List, and will introduce myself there soon.
Thanks for your time and thanks for your work on the website.

Nanraella [BCML] wrote (May 21, 2004):
[To Aryeh Oron] Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been on the site more today, and
every place I go I get more thrilled, especially with the fact that you have all the lyrics AND the scores, pdf format! God bless your endeavor.

Giorgio Ruffa [BCML] wrote (April 21, 2004):
I've appreciated your site ( very much. The best site I've ever met! Unvaluable resources for musicians and for scholars. Easy to surf and clear in his contents. Well done!

God bless you.

Richard E. Dupree [Business Manager, Quiddity Press] wrote (May 23, 2004):
Enjoyed ywonderful web site on J.S. Bach!

Francisco Calabrich [Salvador, Bagia, Brasil] wrote (May 26, 2004):
I was pleased to consult . <snip>

Norman B. Schwartz wrote (May 31, 2004):
I noticed that your excellent website includes a section called "general discussions." In it many have written about the singers, some famous and others not, who performed arias and cantatas with the BAG. With your permission, I would like to add to that my own memories of some of the instrumental soloists who contributed to the excellence of that ensemble, foremost of all the great Robert Bloom. One of the oboists of the BSO, Wayne Rapier, has said of him that he was "One of our greatest singers . . . who happened to play the oboe."


June 2004

Thomas Shepherd wrote (June 3, 2004):
1 I'm doing my own thing this year and sticking to the cantatas by getting to know them in relation with the collects, epistles and gospel readings week by week of the church's year. I use the Cantata web site especially through "List of Bach Cantatas according to the Lutheran Church Year" to find the relevent cantatas for the week. Is there any possibility of ACTIVE links between the red listed BWV number in the 'Events' column and the recordings/discussion linked pages on the rest of the web site? At present it is a bit of a pen and paper excercise!
Once again, thank you for your wonderful work on behalf of Bach's fantastic music.

Norman B. Schwartz wrote (June 5, 2004):
[After publishing his article Robert Bloom (1908-1994): In Appreciation in the BCW]
I am delighted to be included to your site. <snip>

Elizabeth Anker [Contralto, USA – Elizabeth Anker, Contralto] wrote (June 11, 2004):
Thank you for including me in your Bach Cantatas website. <snip>

Elke Dittrich [BachChor Tübingen, Germany] wrote (June 14, 2004):
With interest I saw that you have translated a part of our website. Thank you very much. <snip>

Regine Dierse [KulturKontor, Hamburg, German] wrote (June 15, 2004):
Thank you very much for still representing Jörg Dürmüller on your bach cantata site.
Best wishes
also from Jörg Dürmüller

Hans-Joachim Reh [BCML] wrote (June 16, 2004):
My great respect and appreciation to those who established this forum.

John Pike [BCML] wrote (June 17, 2004):
[To Hans-Joachim Reh] I am sure we would all agree with this sentiment. Aryeh deserves the greatest respect for the tolerant but clear way in which he moderates the list and for the Bach-Cantatas website, itself a work of genius and a true masterpiece, worthy of the great master himself. I never ceased to be amazed by the treasure of information to be found there.

Emiko Hall [Dipl.-Landw., Mag. rer. nat. webmasterin /web-chatelaine] wrote (June 19, 2004):
I noticed your site is the official reference site for Festival Bach in Quebec. Congratulations!

Barry Murray [Australia] wrote (June 20, 2004):
<snip> The Bach Cantatas website is an absolutely marvellous resource. Before joining your groups, I had never even heard a Bach cantata. Now I have a small collection of recordings, which I enjoy very much. I find the Bach Cantatas website very easy to navigate. I am totally blind, and rely on computer software to interpret everything that comes up on the screen. Many websites are virtually impossible for me to use because of flash content and unlabelled graphics. Yours is great!! Due to your site, and to the archives, I have access to so much information which would otherwise be unavailable to me.

Well, this was meant to be a short note. I just wanted to let you know that your hard work is appreciated.

Zvika Peri [Israel] wrote (June 20, 2004):
This is a very nice site you have managed to put up. <snip>

Botd Pehrson [Israel] wrote (June 21, 2004):
<snip> I really appreciate your phenominal efforts in creating and maintaining the lists, and the BC website. It is a true gem of information on the internet. <snip>

Rodrigo Maffei Libonati wrote (June 28, 2004):
<snip> Anyway, your Bach shrine-visiting page is MARVELOUS! There I've seen things I have always DREAMT to see - such as Celle.

Wim Roffel [Webmaster Classical Cat] wrote (June 28, 2004):
My compliments for your Bach Cantatas Website. <snip>

Tim Donaldson [England] wrote (June 28, 2004):
I have found your Bach Canata website to be source of an amazing amount of information and absolutely fascinating! <snip>

John Reese wrote (June 28, 2004):
[After adding his article: In Defense of Bach to the Articles Section]
It looks great, thanks! I will post to the list as soon as I get a chance.

Tim Donaldson [England] wrote (June 30, 2004):
<snip> Many many thanks again fo a terriffic source of information and help.


July 2004

Patricio Giglio wrote (July 5, 2004):
<snip> I visit your site often, it's excellent, congrats.

Miki Lewinger ["Besignon Acher" (Yoni Shacham), Beer Sheva, Israel] wrote (July 6, 2004):
I read your material on the bach cantatas web site, <snip>

Christoher (Robert) Whittle wrote (July 7, 2004):
A small correction to the entry on Joan Sutherland in your excellent website containing short biographies of performers:
With best wishes, and thanks for the interesting site.

John Charles Francis wrote (July 8, 2004):
[After putting his article The Keyboard Temperament of J. S. Bach at the Articles Section]
Many thanks for your work in putting this on line!
Thanks again for the work!

Raymond Laning wrote (July 10, 2004):
Your links page is very nice; a wonderful resource. <snip>

Please keep up the good work.

James Polmeer [Webmaster,] wrote (July 11, 2004):
My name is James Polmeer, and I am the Webmaster for

I am currently in the process of finding links of websites that are about Joan Sutherland, which we currently sell a selection of Music CDs. After visiting your website I have found it to be ideal and have gone ahead and added it to our Joan Sutherland Links Page.

You can find your link here:

John Charles Francis wrote (July 11, 2004):
Many thanks, Aryeh! I fully realise it took a lot of effort to get all this on line! <snip>

Krisztina Jordaky wrote (July 12, 2004):
I have by chance found your comprihensive homepage! Wow! Compliments!
Thanks and kindest regards from Zürich.

Dr. Guido Houben [MPA, Executive Director - The Bach Festival of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA] wrote:
Thank you very much for maintaining your very interesting website.

Jonathan Sternberg [Conductor, Artistic Director of The Bach Festival of Philadelphia] wrote (July 18, 2004):
Am appreciative of all the space and mentions you have given my name. The elaborate bio you use from Bakers Biographical Dictionary is fine. <snip> The latest which does not yet appear anywhere is my appointment as Musical and Artistic Director of the Bach Festival of Philadelphia, sister Festival in the US to the Leipzig Bach Festival.

The Bach Cantatas originally on the Bach Guild label (1950) have recently been released here on the Artemis label (ATM-CD-1241). <snip>

Jana Jeruma-Grinberga [Pastor of St Anne's, London, England] wrote (July 20, 2004):
Thank you so much for your interesting and meticulously accurate website - always a source of interesting information about Bach and his works. <snip>

Helge Rudolf Augstein [Augstein Artist Management] wrote (July 22, 2004):
[After adding links to AugustWebsite]
Thank you very much - most kind!

Of course I´ll place a link on our page in return - asap (I can not do it myself).

Many thanks again and all best

Guillermo Lamas [Argentina – Deutschland, Guillermo Lamas] wrote (July 26, 2004):
Thank you for taking the time to consider what I've said and for adding the link. <snip>
Well, thank you again Aryeh! Kindest regards

Jaap Wiering [Oryz Studio & Weterkerk Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Holland] wrote (July 31, 2004):
First of all, I would like to say you many thanks for the beautiful, interesting, helpful and enjoyable website on the Bach cantatas. I consult it almost daily. My interest in the cantatas has been developing since I started singing in the choir of the Westerkerk in Amsterdam, where they perform - as you might know - a cantata every month.

I was pleasantly surprised to find our services in the schedule of cantata performances.
Another interesting detail is that Max van Egmond sings in the choir as well. He has his own website, dedicated to his life as singer and teacher. Would it be possible to link that to his page on your site? The url is <snip>

Thomas Braatz wrote (July 31, 2004):
[After adding examples from the score at the page: Continuo 4 – Examples from the Score]
Thanks for setting this up in this fashion. It really looks great this way. <snip>


August 2004

Jill Gunsell [BCML] wrote (August 4, 2004):
[In discussion of Matthäus Passion BWV 244 – Part 8]
I just want to record my gratitude to Aryeh and others who have written extensively on the SMP this year, and my apreciation that this discussion is availbale on the website. This is an invaluable archive. Thank you.

Jonathan Howard [Jerusalem, Israel] wrote (August 4, 2004):
You might remember me from the BRML, my name is Jonathan Howard, I'm 14 y.o. and I live in Jerusalem. I posted a message about BWV 140, you were gracious enough to show me the best website about Cantatas (run by no other than yourself). <snip>

Joe Tüba [BCML] wrote (August 9, 2004):
Introducing Myself

I'm a tuba player living in Brooklyn, NY and have a BA in music from Queens College, CUNY. I stumbled into the cantatas and orotorios (orotoria?) mostly at school, but have never really taken the time to pursue them. Their time is really long since due, hence my presence on this list. I found the bach-cantata website yesterday morning when I woke up with the 'Ich harre des Herrn' chorus stuck in my head and I couldn't remember which canata it was from ('Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dir', BWV 131, thank you very much). Anyway, this site looks like a really fantastic resource, and I look forward to picking it clean over the next few months, as well as the ongoing discussion on this list.

Charles Francis wrote (August 18, 2004):
[After adding the details of Palatino’s recording of Cantata BWV 118 to the page: Cantata BWV 118 - Recordings ]
Wow! You have a link for every singer! Great work! <snip>

Yoël L. Arbeitman [BCML] wrote (August 23, 2004):
Rössl-Majdan (Preinfalk) Johannes-Passion

I know, I know. I read your site like the Bible almost every day. <snip>

Marcelo Giannini [Switzerland] wrote (August 24, 2004):
I am organist and choir conductor and I have been living and working for several years in Switzerland. I was one of Karl Richter's last students. Bach's music has allways taken the first place in my musical life. How delighted I was when I discovered your Website because I have a particular passion for Bach's Cantatas !
Many thanks for your attention and congratulations for the site !

Sincerely yours,

Kim Yola wrote (August 27, 2004):
Hi Aryeh - this bit is not possible in 200 characters! All I can say is that the Cantatas website has been a fantastic resource for me over the last year. Kim

Lenny Matczynski [Executive director of Emmanuel Music] wrote (August 27, 2004):
I am Lenny Matczynski, executive director of Emmanuel Music. We are an organization in Boston, MA, USA that has been performing Bach Cantatas as part of a Sunday worship service at Emmanuel Church since 1970. Craig Smith is our conductor. I am wondering if we could be listed on your wonderful site.
Many thanks,


September 2004

Vania Pedronetto [Orchestra Barocca "G.B. Tiepolo del Friuli Venezia Giulia"] wrote (September 9, 2004):
I'm Vania Pedronetto, konzertmeister of the Orchestra barocca "G.B.Tiepolo". I'd like to inform you that our orchestra is working on a project of integral execution of Bach Cantatas and, as you already know, we can count on the participation of important guests: the last in order of time is Gustav Leonhardt (17, 18, 19, 20 november). Next year we are waiting M° Radulescu and we are speaking about the project with Pinnock, Preston and some other super conductor or singer (like Emm a Kirkby that singed for us last september). If you think that your site could be interested for more or more percise information, please contact me. We have also a web site in which we present some additional information on each cantata we have performed in the past, I' m very sorry that the address is not included in your list: if it possible to add somthing please, do it with!

Thank you very much and greetings for the interesting e imortant work you are doing not only for all the Bach lovers but for every musician!


Daniel Michel wrote (September 13, 2004):
I am a new (but anyway late) comer to the Bach Cantatas Site you so expertly master. I discovered it through my long time freind Nicholas Anderson you may well know personally or from reputation. <snip>

Peter Ellis [The Llewellyn Choir, Australia] wrote (September 14, 2004):
<snip> Thank you for the web site with its excellent resources. You will notice that I am actively referring to in my promotion of this concert.

Please note the FAQ at our web site, that explains how we are named: Ernest Llewellyn was the first Director of the Canberra School of Music, and the Llewellyn Hall was named after him; When we changed our name we used the name of the venue where we have performed so often.

With my thanks,

Baudime Jam [Directeur artistique, Quatuor Prima Vista, Clermont-Ferrand, France] wrote (September 17, 2004):
I recently read your article about Walter Susskind which is very interesting. <snip>

Tom Frinta wrote (September 21, 2004):
with great interest I am returning to your website again and again for various pieces of information. <snip>

Dan F. wrote (September 30, 2004):
<snip> I wish you all the best in your musical endeavours and to keep up this informative site.


October 2004

Leo Corry [Israel] wrote (October 2, 2004):
Thank your for the prompt and illuminating answer, and, most especially, for the amazing site.

Élisabeth Comtois [Agnès Mellon's agent] wrote (October 3, 2004):
I just visited your website, congratulations ! <snip>

Sean Burton [Artistic Director, Boston Orpheus Ensemble] wrote (October 4, 2004):
[After adding his article to the Article Section of the BCW]
Thank you for taking care of all this. Your work is vitally important and appreciated by all of us with a passion for Bach's music. <snip>

Bernard Tillet [Ensemble Vocal d'Avignon, France] wrote (October 10, 2004):
I am a choir conductor, in Avignon, France. I was really delighted to discover your website. I found it very interesting, and it helped me in the choice of our program this year: cantatas BWV 150 and BWV 4.

I would like to ask you some questions about the use we can do of the scores: is it possible to copy them for the singers, and to use them in a concert ? I could not find any information about this in the site, only about the copyrights of the articles (which are very interesting ).

Thank you very much for your answer, and for this site !

Daniel Michel wrote (October 10, 2004):
Many thanks for including my remarks in the Bach cantatas website. I ama not equiped to make scans or digital photos of the sleeves. So it will take me some time to have them done outside. And then I shall send them to you. Many thanks again and congratulations for your so intelligent work. Daniel.

Yoël L. Arbeitman [BCML] wrote (October 11, 2004):
Ramin/Krauss MPs

I ran into the TIM label Ramin 1941 MP the other day (as many know, the price doesn't let you leave it). It is an altogether fascinating document and I for better or worse read the conversation about it in Aryeh's wonderful archives. I myself totally enjoyed it on its own terms. <snip>

Michael Shasberger [Artistic Director, Denver Bach Society, Colorado, USA] wrote (October 14, 2004):
I have enjoyed and used your site for several years. Thank you for the excellent service you provide. I would like to inform you that the Denver Bach Society (Colorado U.S.A.) has a new website: and we would be pleased if you could include this site on your links to Bach societies. I have placed a link to your home-page on the DBS site as a primary resource for information on J.S. Bach.

Felix Gebhard wrote (October 22, 2004):
Congratulations to your Bach Cantatas Website.
Thank you a lot -

Best regards,

Felix Gebhard
[son of Prof. Hans Gebhard]

Eduard van Hengel wrote (October 25, 2004):
[After adding to the BCW Dutch translation of Bach Cantatas he has contributed]


November 2004

Robin Kinross [The Bach Players, UK] wrote (November 4, 2004):
[After adding a link to the new website oif the Bach Players]
Thanks a lot for this --

Marjike Halberstadt wrote (November 7, 2004):
I just saw on your wonderful Bach-cantatas site that you call Hansjörg Albrecht among others a counter-tenor. I have heard Hansjörg rather often in the last years, but only as an organists en harpsichordplayer and conductor: I don't think he ever sings publicly. Your source for this biography doesn't mention any singing qualities either!

Cesare Colletta [Napoli, Italia] wrote (November 8, 2004):
As a very small contribution to thank you for the "greatness" and usefulness of your website on Bach cantatas, I send you a few news about a 2-LPs Philips album of around 1966 that I happen to have. <snip>
Thanks a lot again,

John Luther [BCML] wrote (November 8, 2004):
Luther Unlock's Bach

Aryeh Oron wrote: < Please take a look at the page dedicated to Martin Luther at the BCW:
At the bottom of the page you will find a list of Bach's works in which Luther's hymns have been used. >
Thx for the help. What a great cross-reference tool to see how Luther significantly and specifically influenced Bach. <snip>

Ehud Shiloni [BCML] wrote (November 8, 2004):
Fritz Werner re-issue of the Church Cantatas on Erato

<snip> P.S. I have not mentiond this, but the booklets include no texts. Instead, the following sentence appears in a prominent place on the inside front cover of each booklet:

"For complete texts please see:".

Kudos to Aryeh!

Jason Marmaras [BCML] wrote (November 10, 2004):
The international official notice of

[To Ehud Shiloni] In the Collegium Vocale Ghent website, is one of the six or seven links!

At such times, when I see what I am really part of, I feel pride filling my heart, and admiration! Hail to Aryeh!

Ehud Shiloni [BCML] wrote (November 10, 2004):
[To Jason Marmaras] A minor correction: My post refered to Erato's release of Fritz Werner' cantatas - not the Koopman cycle. I do join your admiration of Aryeh - certainly well deserved.

John Pike [BCML] wrote (November 11, 2004):
[To Jason Marmaras] This comes as no surprise at all. The website is a masterpiece in itself, worthy of the great man we all admire so much. (I meant Bach, but the accolade could equally well apply to Aryeh.)

Andrea & Nikolaus Boesen (November 16, 2004):
[After adding the biography of the soprano Herrad Wehrung]
Thank you very much; it's beautiful. <snip>

Thomas Braatz wrote (November 19-21, 2004):
[After adding his commentray & examples from the score of Cantata BWV 127 - Mvt.1: The The Chorale Melody and Text | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6]
It looks great, <snip>

Yes, that's it! It looks wonderful. It may take a minute or two to load (I'm at 24 bps right now) but I'm sure there are many others out there whose internet connection will be faster than that. <snip>

I have seen the full score. It is all in place and looks great! All the details are quite clear. Thanks for your patience in retrieving and inserting the pages I had sent to you. Did you get my continued running commentary? I see that the other corrections that I had asked for have been made.

I am grateful for your extra effort in getting things as correct as possible. If and when I find other corrections to be made to the text, is there any easier way that you can suggest so that you can quickly find and make necessary changes to the text?

Thanks again,

David Sherr wrote (November 20, 2004):
<snip> Thank you for the good work on the Bach Canatas website. Let me know if I can give you any information (sketchy as it might be) about the other BAG recordings.

Pieter van Winkel
[Joan Records] wrote (November 22, 2004):
<snip> Good luck with your excellent work!
Dear Aryeh,

David Sherr wrote (November 22, 2004):

[After updating the discography of Bach Aria Group with information supplied by him]
I can't believe how quickly you got that up. <snip>

Jean Claude Quint [France] wrote (November 22, 2004):
Lutheran church year

I have been very happy to use your chart telling which cantata for which sunday. But your chart is ending on december 2004. Do you intend to extend your chart to 2005 ? Thank you in advance.....very much !!!!

Clotilde Bertin [Petits Chanteurs de Versailles] wrote (November 23, 2004):
List of cantatas for 2005

You site is really very rich ...
Is there any planned update for the page: (ie which cantatas can be sung on which sunday ?)
Thank you very much for your help,

Charut23 [BCML]wrote (November 24, 2004):
I have found the Bach Cantata website both useful for research and enlightening for me. I find myself responding to the discussions out loud :)

Clotilde Bertin [Petits Chanteurs de Versailles] wrote (November 24, 2004):
Thank you very much for your quick answer ...

We'll try and go on without this update, because the 2005 year is quite the same model as 2000 (except about Easter date), so it is not as difficult as I could imagine.

But we continue on working with your site !

Bob Hayman wrote (November 25, 2004):
you for all of your work on the Bach Cantatas website. This is a most useful site. <snip>

Clotilde Bertin [Petits Chanteurs de Versailles] wrote (November 26, 2004):
Thank you very much for your work ! It will allow us to check with what we have begun to plan.

The "Petits Chanteurs" (choir of boys) have been singing one cantata per month (each last sunday of the month) for one year. The choice of the cantatas is based on your fabulous calendar. It is interesting for us because we couple the cantata with a musical and liturgical explanation of it.

Maybe you'll come once in France (Versailles) to hear them !

Kevin L. Keele wrote (November 27, 2004):
I'm a graduate student at Emory University in Atlanta, Geogia (USA). I've enjoyed reading some of the information on your Bach Cantata website and am working on a research paper regarding Bach's Leipzig cantatas that were written for the town council election. <snip>

Bruce Simonson [BCML] wrote (November 27, 2004):
<snip> My special thanks to Aryeh Oron for his cantata website, and for moderating this forum. <snip>

Marie Jensen wrote (November 28, 2004):
<snip> Thanks to your immense efforts the home page has become very succesful. <snip>

Thomas Shepherd wrote (November 29, 2004):
Lutheran church year

Thanks for adding the dates for 2005 to:


December 2004

Theo Altmeyer [Tenor, Germany] wrote (December 1, 2004):
Glückwunsch Geburtstag

alle guten Wünsche zum Geburtstag Ihr Theo Altmeyer

mit Freude und Interesse verfolge ich Ihre Sammlung über Interpretationen der Bach Kantaten.

Die Bach`sche Musik ist meinem Leben und meinem künstlerischen Schaffen immer ein Mittelpunkt.

Herzliche Grüße Ihr Theo Altmeyer

Alfredo Grandini [Baritone, Italy] wrote (December 2, 2004):
[After adding his biography to the BCW]]
Thank you Mr. Oron. It's all perfect! <snip>

John Pike wrote (December 3, 2004):
<snip> On a more pleasant note, I frequently find links to your excellent web site as I trawl the net for information on Bach. Some of these links are from some very highly regarded people who, in turn, understandably feel very highly about your web site.

John Pike wrote (December 3, 2004):
<snip> Assuring you, as always, of my very great admiration and appreciation of all your contributions, whether in e mail or on the web site.

Alfredo Grandini [Baritone, Italy] wrote (December 6, 2004):
Thank you again for the new expanded translation.
I prefer, as many others that I have seen in your wonderful website: <snip>

Jean Claude Quint [France] wrote (December 6, 2004):
[After the Luthera Church Year for 2005 & 2006]
I told you once that you were a great man. I confirm this truth!!!!!.
Thank you very much.

Very gratefully yours

Isabella Eredita Johnson wrote (December 8, 2004):
I stumbled across your web-page: (, and was happy to read your comments on two of the concerts that I organized. I assembled 32 pianists in a performance of the Goldberg variations. It was such a success, that a year later, I brought 34 pianists in a performance of the Beethoven Diabelli. As a matter of fact, Clavier magazine will publish an article that I wrote on the Diabelli performance in an upcoming publication (February/March??).

The concerts were a great deal of fun. Lots of comradery!!!

I enjoyed your web-site. Very informative!

Issac Finkelstein wrote (December 10, 2004):
I'm a fan of cantata site. <snip>

Virginia S. Moe [Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, Rock Hill, SC, USA] wrote (December 11, 2004):
First let me thank you for this great resource. As a practicing church musician, I can only do these great works if I can get information about them Your website is a great thing for us all. <snip>

Drew M. Capuder [Moderated Classical Mailing List] wrote (December 12, 2004):
Thanks for your note, and I've really enjoyed the Bach Cantatas web site. <snip>

Martha Jane Howe [Contralto] wrote (December 15, 2004):
Hello, thank you for your e-mail -- I was on the road, and am briefly back with my main computer.

It would be lovely if you could put in a link to my website: as it has all the info. But here are some listings for you in the attached files. There are no more recordings that I know of, although I sang quite a few Bach concerts, including a couple of arias in a recital with Rosalyn Tureck in the Carnegie Recital Hall in the early 80s. That was such a thrilling experience to meet her and work with her!

Let me know if the transfer doesn't work. Thank you for your wonderful site. Throughout my entire career, when asked the question "Which composer for the desert island?" it has always been Bach. In my experience, no other composer has reached his combination of depth, passion, power, fragility and transcendence.

Wishing you all the best,

Horia Marinescu [Horia Marinescu, arch., Vienna, Austria] wrote (December 15, 2004):
I often accesed your website about the Bach Cantatas, that is top ranked in google, and found a lot of interesting information in it. <snip>

Thanks and greetings from Vienna,

Horia Marinescu [Horia Marinescu, arch., Vienna, Austria] wrote (December 17, 2004):
[After updaing Ruxandra Donose biography]
Thank you for the link! You really gathered almost everything one can find about Ruxandra on the web... :) <snip>

Burmeister [EBCSD, Iowa, USA] wrote (December 17, 2004):
I am music educator in Iowa who has performed many pieces by Bach including two cantatas. I believe this site will help me in the future to help expose my students to the wonderful music of Bach.

Göran Westling [Research engineer Dr. Med. Sci / Webmaster, Umeå Akademiska Kör, Sweden] wrote (December 18, 2004):
I really appreciate your web-site, but found that you lack music example of BWV229.

I am taking a course in ensemble- and choir- singing at the University of Umea in Sweden. <snip>

Francis Browne wrote (December 20, 2004):
<snip> But what you have already accomplished with your website and the potential it still has for further development mean that it would be criminal simply to abandon the enterprise without making every effort to make the new cycle of cantata discussions a success. <snip>

Martha Jane Howe [Contralto] wrote (December 21, 2004):
[After adding her biography to the BCW]
Thank you! Very well done -- you've arranged the information very well, and I appreciate all the links, especially the one to my website. <snip>

Thank you again, and congratulations on a wonderful site,

Di-Ann Eisnor [eMusic ascii fan art team] wrote (December 22, 2004):
I was happy to see your bio of Linde-Hans Martin and thought you'd appreciate this ascii tribute. Linde-Hans Martin is one of our favorites too. <snip>

Leif Hasselgren [BIS Records] wrote (December 22, 2004):
<snip> Having visited the Bach Cantatas Website several times (and found it most useful - congratulations!) I would like to make it absolutely clear that we have full confidence in you and the web site, and that if we do decide to "go digital" we would certainly want to do it with you. <snip>

Seung-Hee Park [Tenor] wrote (December 22, 2004):
I am Seung-Hee park, tenor. I saw my document in your website.
Thank you for your wonderful work! <snip>

Francis Browne wrote (December 24, 2004):
[After updating his revised translation of Cantata BWV 150]
Many thanks. Everything looks fine. <snip>

Rodrigo Maffei Libonati wrote (December 25, 2004):
<snip> [Regarding the Portuguese translations of the Bach Cantatas]
But please believe I would like to continue with the tr. Not only do I enjoy a lot doing them, but also I feel proud to contribute to your website, which I find to be wonderful. Actually some Brazilian performers have written to me since I have started to do it, in order to ask my permission to print the translation on a Bach cantata concert or something. <snip>

Thank you!

Russel Telfer wrote (December 29, 2004):
[Following the announcement of the availabality of Leusink's Complete Cantata Cycle for listening in the BCW]
<snip> Happy New Year and Thanks to you for your continuing work in managing the site.

John Carroll [Seattle, USA] wrote (December 29, 2004):
Hi -- great web site -- i refer to it frequently. thank you for all your extensive work... <snip>

Thomas Shepherd wrote (December 30, 2004):
<snip> We should all be most grateful to Joan Records and to Aryeh for the work on the web site in making listening to these recordings a very simple business.

Francis Browne wrote (December 30, 2004):
<snip> Thank you once more for your splendid provision for all who love Bach's cantata. Let us hope that even without your exemplary introductions the new cycle of discussions will prove worthwhile.

George LeFurjah [BCML] wrote (December 31, 2004):
<snip> I discovered this email group by googling for "Bach tourism". I previously read Jan Koster's account of his tour of 10 years ago, wanted to plan a similar tour myself, and wondered what was the current state of these towns and villages. I was rewarded both by updates on the tourism, and knowledge of the existence of this group. <snip>

Francis Browne wrote (December 31, 2004):
As always I am dazzled by the speed with which you update the website. <snip>


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