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January 2002

Philip Peters wrote (January 2, 2002):
Aryeh, this is in the first place your labour of love. You deserve a big thank you, your contribution has been invaluable. I thoroughly enjoy the list and the wonderful site (although I contribute little or nothing which may be must as well ;) It's very much appreciated!

Jim Boltz (Fredonia Opera House) wrote (January 3, 2002):
We appreciate very much your fine web resource!

Julie Thames Howell wrote (January 6, 2002):
My interest in the web site was not musical, but I will bookmark the site in the event my interests head that way in the future.

Riccardo Nughes wrote (January 10, 2002):
Keep on the great work you're doin'!

Michael Grover wrote (January 17, 2002):
Thanks again for the ever-useful and informative web pages!

Jane Newble wrote (January 18, 2002):
It is absolutely amazing to me, what you have achieved with the wonderful website. I love wandering over its pages, and am astonished at how quickly you do things, too, and how clear it all is!

Isabella de Sabata (Producer of the recordings of John Eliot Gardiner’s Bach Cantata Pilgrimage) wrote (January 20, 2002):
I have been a (silent) subscriber to your Bach Cantatas discussion group for a few months now, but only now have actually managed to sit down and explore your excellent website and discovered the many many exchanges of emails about the BCP concerts in the year 2000! [snip] With very best wishes for your birthday, and congratulations for all the work you put in this website!

Kirk McElhearn wrote (January 27, 2002):
Bach Cantatas web site cited by the Guardian.

In an article on Magdalena Kozena, a link to the BC web site is given with a bio of la Kozena:,3604,636647,00.html

Teri Noel Towe wrote (January 28, 2002):
Your work and your devotion to the Bach Cantatas Website are an on-going source of inspiration. Thank you very much for doing it and for honoring me by making some of my work a part of it.


February 2002

Brenda Miller wrote (February 2, 2002):
Thank you for your wonderful site. - Kol hakavod! What a gift you have presented to the world. I got so excited when I saw your name there - it makes me hopeful that one day there will be one like this about Verdi as well.! (am I greedy or what!)

One trivia question - do you have any idea what colour Bach's hair was? I wish I could see him without the wig just once.

Yours with gratitude and admiration

Charlie Ervin McCarn wrote (February 4, 2002):
Thanks for the great website.

Drora Bruck wrote (February 8, 2002):
Great Site!!! I accidentaly stumbled upon your site...and it was such a discovery...

I am including it in the link collection offered on the new recorder page & portal :

Francis Browne wrote (February 9, 2002):
The judicious and perceptive reviews of Don Satz and others are invaluable in exploring Bach's music and Aryeh Oron's Cantata website is a wonderful idea splendidly realised. Thank you to all.

Teri Noel Towe wrote (February 10, 2002):
My sincere thanks for all that you do at the Bach Cantatas website and for honoring me by posting my critical discographies there.

Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood [Royal Academy of Music, London University] wrote (February 11, 2002):
I would be only too happy to have the lecture, 'Bach and a Play of Passion', on the Bach Cantatas web-site (which I enjoy greatly, by the way).

David wrote (February 14, 2002):

Francis Browne wrote (February 14, 2002):
I can send further translations for the website… I would be happy if I could make some contribution to an enterprise I find so worthwhile.

Julian Benedict wrote (February 15, 2002):
What a wondefrul site… you have. Thank you for providing the listeners of classical a great tool to learn more about the huge selection of singers/performers of Bach Cantatas.

Nick Kaufman [Praklitut Mechoz Yerushalaiyim] wrote (February 17, 2002):
I am an avid reader of your site and am very impressed with your fantastic insight and comments. I will try and contribute when I feel I have something useful to say ... meanwhile I enjoy learning from the experience of others.

Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood [Royal Academy of Music, London University] wrote (February 20-21, 2002):
Great stuff… Many thanks indeed for all your hard work. Much appreciated!

Francis Browne (February 22, 2002):
Your site continues to give me much pleasure and stimulation the more I explore it and follow the discussions.

Dr. Graziano Fronzuto [Member of The Organ Club and of The Royal College of Organists, Roma, Italy] wrote (February 27, 2002):
I visited your very interesting Website about J.S. Bach's cantatas. I enjoyed to read accurate biographies on musicians.


March 2002

Francine Renee Hall wrote (March 3, 2002):
Dear Aryeh-- What a beautiful job! A pleasure to read! Thanks!

Eduard van Hengel wrote (March 4, 2002):
I stumbled across the Bach-cantatas website and was deeply impressed.

Francis Browne wrote (March 5, 2002):
I have just discovered your page of 'Links to Record Labels of Bach Cantatas' (an excellent idea in itself).

Philip Bender [ de Julio Sánchez Riez] wrote (March 10, 2002):
Let me first congratulate and thank you for the wonderful and informative website. It is an incredible resource and service.

Daniel Deters wrote (March 10, 2002):
Thank you for this web site. It was quite a surprise to find it and so many kindred spirits that believe, as I do, that Bach cantatas are the closest any human came to creating perfection.

Thank you again for your wonderful efforts to spread the word.

Haggai Hitron [Ha’aretz Daily Newspaper, Israel] wrote (March 13, 2002):


Tim Burke wrote (March 16, 2002):
Bio: Patricia Green
I looked up my wife's name on Google and it led me to your very interesting web-site. It is great to see her biography there [snip]; Thanks for your interest, and your great web page.

Bracha Krengel wrote (March 19, 2002):
This evening I visited your site and it is quite impressive, the investment can be seen.

Josh Cheung wrote (March 23, 2002):
I was surfing the net when I came across your site!


April 2002

Marie Sylvie Comtois [The Music Society - Society for the Arts, Canada] wrote (April 4, 2002):
Keep on your good work; your site is excellent,

John van Kesteren [Palm Beach, Florida] wrote (April 8, 2002):
Thank you much for your enlightening e-mail, The bio of me which you used for the JSB website looks fine to me.

Martine Letaconnoux [Montreal, Canada] wrote (April 8, 2002):
What an interesting and impressive work ! C.

Kelly Dean Hansen [Graduate Assistant, Department of Musicology, College of Music, University of Colorado at Boulder] wrote (April 10, 2002):
I greatly enjoy the Bach cantatas website. Although I do not have time to actually join or contribute to the BCML list, I regularly read the discussions of the list members and I listen to the cantatas at the liturgically appropriate times of the year, using your site as a guide.

Barry McDaniel [Germany] wrote (April 12, 2002):
What a nice surprise to get an answer so quickly. You won´t believe it, perhaps, but it was the first e-mail I have ever sent and as it went off into the sunset I was sure nobody would ever hear or see anything of it again! I can´t believe you could change the text so quickly. Have you got a special wire to Bill Gates??

Denis Alarie [Canada] wrote (April 15, 2002):
I have just seen on the web, that Bach's Mass in B Minor with Scherchen has been re-issued on CD by Deutsche Gramophon. Soon, you will be able to update the CD picture you have on your wonderful (and most useful) website. [snip]
It is a pleasure to add this small contribution to your website.

Piotr Jaworski [Warsaw] wrote (April 17, 2002):
It was probably Aryeh and his invaluable Cantatas Site. I also read this JF-A article.

Yu Chao [Tianjin, P.R. China] wrote (April 21, 2002):
I like your website very much.
I have compiled all the scores of Bach's Cantatas and put them on my website

Lee Schwartz wrote (April 25, 2002):
What a great Web Site with so many resources!


May 2002

Uri Golomb [PhD Student, The Music Faculty, Cambridge University] wrote (May 3, 2002):
I have been logging into your wonderful Bach cantata site quite a lot, and yesterday finally joined in the Bach Recordings and Bach Cantata lists. Keep up the good work!

Oskar Smrzka [Wien, Austria] wrote (May 10, 2002):
Congratulations to your Bach Cantatas Web site which I appreciate very much!

Francis Browne wrote (May 13, 2002):
I never forget that you are handling the BCW by yourself. I am, as always, amazed by your efficiency and very grateful for your dedication.

Roland Wörner wrote (May 13, 2002):
A friend told me about the bach-cantatas website, so I visited it yesterday for the first time.

Ruth Rosenfeld wrote (May 14, 2002):
And also, bravo for the wonderful site!

Jean-Luc Stutzmann wrote (May 14, 2002):
Congratulations for your excellent site.

Christopher Hilton wrote (May 16, 2002):
I was extremely excite to discover the downloadable scores for Bach cantatas linked to you website.

Maxim Reider wrote (May 17, 2002):
Thank you for creating this site - I used it several times.

Roland Wörner wrote (May 25, 2002):
[snip] …in apreciation of your great Bach Cantatas Website.

Thomas Shepherd wrote (May 26, 2002):
I’m new to the Cantata group but already thankful that I came across your site. I hope to learn the conventions and protocols in the near future! [snip] The other thing that I’m already hugely thankful for is the easily available piano reduction of the scores.


June 2002

Phillip Howard wrote (June 6, 2002):
Great website.

David O. Berger [Director of Library Services, Concordia Seminary Library, Saint Louis, MO, USA] wrote (June 6, 2002):
I took some time to work through your site today. It is really quite amazing to see all the material that you have included, even artist biographies, including my favorite Bach bass, Max von Egmond… Anyway, I am impressed and will return to it often, especially to check recordings...

Philippe Bareille (Leeds, UK) wrote (June 7, 2002):
As a lover of Bach music I was thrilled to discover your site. I am very impressed by Aryeh erudition and always captivating analysis.

Thomas Shepherd [Manchester, UK] wrote (June 9, 2002):
I’m new to the Cantata group but already thankful that I came across your site.

Thomas Shepherd wrote (June 10, 2002):
I hope you can add this recording to what must be becoming one of the world's most complete libraries - a valuable recourse for future generations!!

Alfredo Garcia [Opera Language] wrote (June 11, 2002):
Congratulations! Your website is excellent!

Kathy Roberts [Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter/Motivational Speaker] wrote (June 13, 2002):
I was searching through the web and found your page. You have a very nice set up.

Bernard S. Greenberg [Johann Sebastian Bach - Frequantly Asked Questions (FAQ)] wrote (June 14, 2002):
Your site is indeed deserving.

I have added a (favorable!) description of your fine site (I don't post prewritten text) in two places, in the biblio page and the cantatas page.

Good luck with your project!

Yoshiro Shikata / Pooh [Webmaster, a+30+a’ Goldberg Variations; Tokyo, Japan] wrote (June 15, 2002):
I knew your wonderful web site before a long time, as many friends on the net told me. So, I'm proud of the link to my page on your site! It's a great archive for cantata works and, for me, your site is always model. I put a link to your site too.

Lucius Furius [Webmaster, Bach: Genius Ignored] wrote (June 16, 2002):
Good site. I have added a link. You can see it at:

Karen Lane [Webmaster, Bach Festival Society of Winter Park] wrote (June 16, 2002):
Thank you for including a link to the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park on your very fine Web site. We have returned the favor with a link to your site on our links page:

Thomas Hubeart [Webmaster, Club JSB] wrote (June 17, 2002):
I have now added your URL to the links on my main page (; I think you have a very worthwhile site going there.

Simon Ensanian [Webmaster, The Bach Festival of Philadelphia] wrote (June 16, 2002):
Your web site has been on our 'Links' page (which is accessible from the icon on the bottom of the Bachanalia page) for some time now. Perhaps you're confusing our large list of Bach concert-giving organizations with our much smaller list of Bach informational web sites such as yours. By the way it's obvious that you've put a lot of time into your web site. Congratulations, it looks quite good!

If Bach would be the major religion in this world, perhaps there would be less conflict between peoples. After all how can anyone harbor ill-feelings against a fellow Bach lover. Good to hear from you.

Dorry Shaddock [Organist, Bach Society of Christ the King Lutheran Church] wrote (June 17, 2002):
Thank you for listing the Bach Society at Christ the King Lutheran Church on your links page. We will be happy to add your site among our links… Thanks for your attention, and again for your fine site.

Katy Weston [Marketing Manager, Oxford Bach Choir, Englnd] wrote (June 19, 2002):
I very much enjoyed looking round your site. I will certainly organize a link.

George W. Hart [Sculptor, George W. Hart Website]wrote (June 21, 2002):
Your site is excellent. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I just added a link to it at the very bottom of my Goldberg page: Goldberg Variations - J. S. Bach - 32 Pianists

Nikoline Nielsen wrote (June 21, 2002):
I found your website when I was searching for Kiri Te Kanawa. Did you know that some of your links does not work? And you don’t have one of the best website about Kiri Te Kanawa I have ever seen!
I hope it helps on your great website.

David Gordon [The David Grodon Website: Music – Health – Spirit] wrote (June 21, 2002):
I've added a link to you from my links page:

I look forward to exploring your site!

David Croft [Webmaster, Royal Leamington SPA Bach Choir] wrote (June 22, 2002):
I have put up the link:

You have an interesting site - good work

Thomas Radleff [Die Kunst der Fuge - how small a thought it takes to fill a whole life] wrote (June 24, 2002):
Actually I thought we already mentioned your site - of course I know it and appreciate Don Satz´ and Kirk´s reviews about AoF very much, though sometimes a bit academic, they provide a rich treasure of detailed remarks on these recordings. But being new in webbing and computing at all, I confused something, and Jan Hanford already told us that we mistook it with "his" J.S.Bach Homepage. So, Melita will include it as soon as possible.

Andreas Kopp [Male Soprano Page] wrote (June 24, 2002):
Thanks for your email and adding my website to your links. I am a regular visitor of your website which provides so much useful infos about Bach's cantatas and their recordings. As soon as I succeed in creating a link page, I will of course add also a link to your site.

BTW. I found it quite interesting to see a Hebrew version of BWV 167. I remember that I sung with our choir a Hebrew version of Handel's famous "See, the conqu'ring hero comes" (better known as "Daughter Zion"). Aris Christofellis has also sung a lot of music originally written in Hebrew.

Eva Van Havera [Collegium Instrumentale Brugense] wrote (June 24, 2002):
I'll make sure your link will be published on our LINKS page on our webpage. I had a look at your website and it looks impressive.

Yours sincerely and good luck with your project.

Joop Lindeijer [Dutch Divas] wrote (June 25, 2002):
I'm a fan of the Bach cantatas. I add links on the English as well as the Dutch link page.

Joachim Kohlmorgen [Knabenchor Hannover] wrote (June 26, 2002):
I've just added the desired link to our linklist. I think, in the near future we will find some more places within our site, to mention your's. It is a good addition to Knabenchor Hannover's repertoire and diskographie and of course a big ressource to Bach's choral work and the complete recording.

Jochen Grob [Bachdiskographie - Versuch einer Übersicht] wrote (July 28, 2002):
Thank you for the mail about the adding of the link to my hompage. I am very glady about this news, and I will add the link about the Bach Cantatas Website on my JSB-hompages.

Panajotis “Panito” Iconomou [Bass singer, formely boy alto with Tölzer Knabenchor] wrote (June 28, 2002):
I stumbled on your webpage by accident while I was trying to sort out some dead links in my “Favourites” folder.

Congratulations, the site is a huge well of information and resources for every Bach enthusiast. There were also some interesting discussions where I was following all the threads, especially the one about the mention of the early boy soloists’ names. Some comments were very precise and clear, some others rather amusing (considering my background…).

Jane Newble [Jane’s Treasures] wrote (June 29, 2002):
You are just amazing! I was going to write to you about my new website, and then thought I'd better look first at the members' page, and there it was already!!!!

However, I do enjoy reading the posts, and I hope to contribute again. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in to the cantata list and the website - it is quite an incredible site. One of the best on the internet, as far as I am concerned. I love to go and just browse there.


July 2002

Carol Lundergan [Webmaster, Hudson Valley Society for Music] wrote (July 1, 2002):
I've put a link to your website - great website - lots of info and laid out nicely.

Thanks for putting us as a link on your site.

Thomas Braatz wrote (July 2, 2002):
I applaud your improvements in and expansion of your site!

Tom Lumb [Webmaster, Festival Singers of Wellington, New Zealand] wrote (July 2, 2002):
Just to let you know that I have posted a link to your excellent site on our choir's Links page:

Raymond Hall [Ray Hall's Website (Tasmanian Devil)] wrote (July 6, 2002):
I'll be honoured to include your link in my site. Next couple of days it will be there.

Many thanks for sharing your great resource to all interested in great music.

Gerald Gray [Tenor] wrote (July 6, 2002):
My name is Gerald Gray. I just joined this discussion group. I am actually one of the singers honored with a biography on the Bach-Cantatas Website and have been on a few of the recordings discussed. I am a tenor.

First of all, I want to say that I think this site is great!

Hendrik Slegtenhorst [Vancouver, Canada] wrote (July 14, 2002):
A superb web-site.

Alessandro Simonetto [Kunst der Fugue] wrote (July 18, 2002):
Thank you for contacting me. Please consider that in Kunst der Fuge we have not already a links page. For that reason we link at all our 'contributors' who have a significative site. So, I hope you may send us some MIDI file (better if fuguistics) for to allow our staff in linking at your important site on Bach's Cantatas.

Jan Koster [Home Page Jan Koster & J.S. Bach Home Page] wrote (July 21, 2002):
I hadn't seen your site for a while and just had a look. Wow! It has become a great resource and I feel inspired to work on my own Bach site again. Keep up the good work, best wishes.

Dan & Line Bleicher wrote (July 27, 2002):
Certainly, a very good work!
Well done!

Nancy & Thom Johnson wrote (July 29, 2002):
Wow, just found the scintilating web site... My wife & I are church/synagogue musicians (currently located in San Antonio w/ the Air Force). Are you a sabra? (With a name like that, we wondered.)
In honor of JSB's jahrzeit last week...


August 2002

Laine Murphy wrote (August 1, 2002):
Just wanted you to know that soprano Dana Hanchard (and we thank you for featuring her bio on your wonderful site) will be appearing at the 15th Anniversary Season Opening Night Gala ofthe Da Camera of Houston on October 5, 2002 at 7:30 pm.

Felicia Eventone wrote (August 2, 2002):
Got your email address from your wonderful website.

I'm a music contractor in New York and need to research one of the Bach cantatas for a recording session (tomorrow!!)

Panajotis (Panito) Iconomou [Bass-Baritone, previously Boy Alto] wrote (August 4, 2002):
I followed the link, the page looks great.

Francis Browne wrote (August 4, 2002):
You are amazing! As if the marvellous website were not enough you produce all those Hebrew translations. I thought that I was working industriously, at a reasonable pace, in translating the cantatas, but you must have overtaken and lapped me several times. It must be a source of great satisfaction to have provided such a valuable resource for your compatriots.

Maralie Martin wrote (August 15, 2002):
[After updating the bio of Janice Taylor] Hello - Wow - are you quick and amazingly efficient.

Hester I.M. Zevenhuizen [Pollock Artists Management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands] wrote (August 26, 2002):
I am a regular visitor of your interesting website which provides me a lot of inwhich I need for my work as agent of Belgian countertenor Patrick van Goethem.


September 2002

Heather Buettner [ Ltd ] wrote (September 7, 2002):
Your site is an excellent and worthwhile resource, and we would be delighted to be included within your comprehensive references and to have an ongoing association.

Jeanne Boyer wrote (September 7, 2002):
I was wery happy to find your Web-site, and to get informations about the recording of the Cantata BWV 78, with Teresa Stich-Randall.

Juozas Rimas wrote (September 9, 2002):
I'm using the website extensively to search for recordings of particular cantatas. I somehow didn't notice it had an index by artist's name.

Jill Hausman [Soprano, Lieder In Our Language] wrote (September 17, 2002):
Thank you very much for putting my bio and photo on your Bach cantatas website. I wish you all the best.

Noa Frenkl (Alto, Holland) wrote (September 18, 2002):
My name is Noa Frenkel, and I'm an alto living Holland. First, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site - I'm singing quite a lot of Bach here in Holland and in Germany, Including a cantata series in Amsterdam once a month, and I've used your translations many times... it's a great help.

Edmund Brownless (Tenor, Canada/Germany) wrote (September 21, 2002):
I have noticed that my biography is missing on your very good web site! I have sung for two recordings with Joshua Rifkin. (Mass in b minor and Cantatas 106/131).

Hester Zevenhuizen [Pollock Artists Management, Amsterdam] wrote (September 22-23, 2002):
[After adding Patrick van Goethem biography] Thanks very much for all your efforts. The website looks perfect.

By the way: I was very impressed by, the page looks very professional! I shall make a link on our website to yours!

Manfred Wichmann [ArtistMgtm.& PR/Christiane Oelze) wrote (September 27, 2002):
Many thanks to consider new Oelze-photo within the web-site. Very kind of
you. Will inform Christiane as well.

Mark Walmsley [Felicja Blumental International Music festival] wrote (September 30, 2002):
That sounds great Aryeh.
We've linked to you at


October 2002

Gustavo Parra [Bogotá, Colombia] wrote (October 2, 2002):
Many congratulations for your Bach Web site and for the mailing list, to which I recently subscribed.

Robert Killingsworth wrote (October 5, 2002):
Do you know that, for quite a number of singers, the very first hit brought up by a Google search on the singer's name is the Bach Cantatas website? I'm in awe at what you have accomplished. How do you find the time!

Pieter Pannevis wrote (October 6, 2002):
From Holland with high regards for all your Bach works!

Cilfford Owen [Germany] wrote (October 6, 2002):
Many thanks for your valuable and careful work in listing the events for which the Bach cantatas were composed. I had been looking for such a list for over a year, and had enquired in a music shop without success, before it occurred to me to type a BWV number into a search engine (I find (which also offers a choice of languages to receive one's results in) the most effective) and found your site.

Kazumi Umeda [Label Coordinator, Andante] wrote (October 7, 2002):
I am with a classical music record label/website. Firstly, I would like to say that your website is very informative, an excellent resource.

Roland Wörner wrote (October 8, 2002):
First of all congratulations and thanks for that all-round Website, where one can find every time something new concerning Bach and his works!

Margaret Mikulska (October 9, 2002):
Your Bach site is very interesting.

Balwantray C. Chauhan [Easter Canada] wrote (October 13, 2002):
I am in awe of your web page. It is so impressive! I am even more impressed with the level of discussion. I have just joined the mailing list and hope to learn. I especially enjoy the comparisons since I do this to try to understand the music and technique. Many thanks for all your efforts!

David Zale [] wrote (October 17, 2002):
It was great to see that you have linked to my site. [snip] It's not in my nature to splash links on my websites, but in your case I will most likely make an exception.

Peter Jacobs [Johann Sebastian Bachs kantater i P2, Sweden] wrote (October 17, 2002):
I have just added the link to your excellent website!

Gustavo Parra (October 17, 2002):
The more I discover your bach-cantatas website, the more I am impressed by it. Congratulations again.

Gonzalo Valencia [Chile] wrote (October 18, 2002):
First of all thank you very much for your superb site. I am musician and study the baroque music. In order to know seriously the specific Bach vocal music matter I ever do it with your help.

Alessandro G. Simonetto [Kunst der Fuge] wrote (October 23, 2002):
Good work with your wonderful and great site!

Samuel Bar-El [Opera in Hebrew] wrote (October 26, 2002):
This is the first time I visited your Website (Bach), and it seems that you have invested tremendous work in it.

Balwantray C. Chauhan [Department of Ophthalmology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., Canada] wrote (October 29, 2002):
I have written you before a few weeks ago, but I must write again to tell you the Bach Cantatas web site is an absolute God send. Thank you SO much for putting in such a tremendous wealth of materials. Just now, I was checking to see how many versions of BWV 84 I have. It is much easier to scan thorough your web page than it is through my disorganised CD collection. I recognise the covers and then I can usually locate the CD. I make CDs with different versions of the same music and some friends and I listen to the versions "blind" and then we comment and rate - just like you do on the discussions. Your web page will allow me very quickly to identify the different versions I have (or should buy).

It must take you so much time! Do you have another job?

Best regards and my heartfelt thanks for all your efforts.


November 2002

Harald Kurama [Hannover, Germany] wrote (November 3, 2002):
Thank you very much for this perfect Bach-Cantats Page.

Dr. Stan Hill [Artistic Director, Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus, Minneapolis, MN, USA] wrote (November 4, 2002):
I am humbled and most appreciative of your prompt reply to my questions regarding Bach's Cantata BWV 1. The information and the sites were most helpful. Thank you so very much.

Simon Holledge [Elisabeth Schumann Website] wrote (November 5, 2002):
I would be happy to recommend your excellent site.

Joachim Duske [Tenor, Germany] wrote (November 8, 2002):
You created a REALLY nice and helpful page. I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Harald Kurama [Hannover, Germany] wrote (November 10, 2002):
Thanks for your nice Homepage.

Dave Carmichael wrote (November 14, 2002):
First a warm thanks for the Bach-Cantata group. I joined it several months ago, and although I have so far just been a lurker, I have learned much and enjoyed it immensely. I may yet overcome my felling that I can't really add anything, considering the obvious knowledge level of the group!

Paul Farseth wrote (November 14, 2002):
[Following the announcement of Cantata Discographies]
Thank you again! The discography is a great resource!

John Curtis Carr wrote (November 14, 2002):
[Following the announcement of Cantata Discographies]
Nothing could come at a better time for my researches. I am trying to get all versions possible of the cntatas composed in 1725 to the librettoes written by Mariane von Ziegler, a young (25?) poet. You have really been a godsend.

Hinrich Muller wrote (November 14, 2002):
[Following the announcement of Discographies]
What a great job!

Bill Dishman [Trumpet, Gaiinesville, Florida] wrote (November 14, 2002):
Absolutely awesome service provided on this topic. Incredible amount of information and detail. Congratulations

Balwantray Chauhan wrote (November 16, 2002):
Finally, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Aryeh for his untiring efforts. Our lives are richer for Bach's music and Aryeh has made it possible for like minded people all around the world to connect.

Maxim Reider wrote (November 16, 2002):
I have already contacted you once when preparing an article on Matthäus-Passion in the NIO. Now when looking for information on German baritone Roman Trekel who appears with the Israel Philharmonic I've dropped into your site again - and the only thing I have to say is TODA RABA for creating it.

The link to NAXOS was most useful, I could hear fragment from Winterreise on-line before interviewing the singer.

Francis Browne wrote (November 17, 2002)
Your work on recordings and the new members are both splendid developments. Many thanks.

Zev Bechler wrote (November 19, 2002):
The Cantatas url and the group is a proof that the world still contains some pure goodness and not all is lost.

Kol hakavod, sir,

Werner Seuken [Niederrheinische Kantorei e.V.] wrote (November 19, 2002):
I have a look to your website, it is very interesting, a lot of work I suppose!

Anthony J. Olszowy wrote (November 19, 2002):
As always, you are a great public servant!!

Robin Crag [Peronal Webpage] wrote (November 26, 2002):
Anyway, thanks for your site, Its an enormous resource.

J. Kress wrote (November 27, 2002):
Thanks for the excellent site by the way...

Anton Schönauer [Archiv Wiener Singakademie] wrote (November 28, 2002):
Thank you for including us in your "collection" of Performers of Bach's Music.

We also your visit you website regularly to find information about different artists and ensembles, because the biographies are mostly up to date and you can offer a wide range of performers!

We hope, you will maintain the high standard of your website for a long time!


December 2002

Thomas Radleff [Die Kunst der Fuge] wrote (December 16, 2002):
This is the moment to pass a great THANK YOU for the enormous work you´ve been undertaking by compiling this informative, competent and inspiring Bach Cantata discography. It´s always a pleasure to look at it, and always a great gain of information & inspiration. That´s how it should be ! Recommended to all Bach lovers.

Yael P. [Jerusalem, Israel] wrote (December 17, 2002):
Thanks a million for your Bach Cantatas site. That's the best space on earth for me right now, truly feels home.

Thomas Braatz wrote (December 21, 2002):
[Regarding the Printable Index of Bach Cantatas]
This printable index of the Bach cantatas prepared by Aryeh Oron and Santu De Silva looks very professional indeed. I will probably prefer it over other lists that I have access to. Many thanks for the effort that you have put into this list. Most other lists that I consult appear much less professional when printed out, or I have to turn a book (The Oxford Composer Companions: J. S. Bach [Boyd]) sideways and the book always threatens to close itself unless it is thoroughly pinned or weighted down. Now a quick overview will be much easier to access and will be very helpful to have in this format.

Question: Is this the most recent revision of this list by Schmieder, the one he completed shortly before his death in 1990?

Question: Is it possible to set up another list which shows which cantatas belong to which period (Weimar, Köthen, Leipzig) and for the Leipzig cantatas which ones belong to each yearly cycle along with the dates of their 1st performances when available? Another list of interest would be one that is purely chronological (as far as that can be determined.) [Some of these updated lists are available in various places: Wolff's biography and the Wolff/Koopman 'World of the Bach Cantatas.' I could supply this information if you do not already have it.]

Charles Francis wrote (December 21, 2002):
[Regarding the Printable Index of Bach Cantatas]
A very nice list. In the part arranged according to the church year, I was interested to see Bach's compositional priorities:
- Purification of Mary (6 cantatas)
- Town Council Inauguration (5 cantatas)

I guess the Town Council paid his salary!

Helga Mauersberger wrote (December 23, 2002):
I have read your website about Erhard and Rudolf Mauersberger with great interest. I am Erhard's daughter and therefore Rudolf's niece. I wonder where you have gathered this precise information from - have you been in contact with my family recently?

Paul Farseth wrote (December 24, 2002):
[Regarding the translation of Cantata BWV 140 at: ]
Your redaction looks great, Aryeh. I see you already mentioned it in your intro to "Wachet auf" on the mailing list.

Janos Vajda [Budapest/Hungary & PetakhTiqva/Israel] wrote (December 26, 2002):
I am a brain surgeon working in Budapest and in Beilinson, presently in Israel when I jumped into your gorgeous website. I love to read your comments, specially on BWV 4 which was exactly the same way my first and loved one. Back in Budapest I own quite a classical recording collection and I travel with CDs. [Snip]

Good luck with your site, Kol Tuv.

Ted Bimberg [Israel] wrote (December 28, 2002):

This musical analysis (of Bach cantata material) seems to be what I am looking for. Would it be possible to see your material on his "Peasant Cantata"? I would be so grateful.


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