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Mass in B minor BWV 232

Conducted by Helmut Müller-Bruhl



Bach: Mass in B minor


Mass in B minor BWV 232

Helmut Müller-Brühl

Dresdner Kammerchor (Chorus Master: Hans-Christoph Rademann) / Kölner Kammerorchester

Soprano: Sunhae Im; Mezzo-soprano: Marianne Beate Kielland; Alto: Ann Hallenberg; Tenor: Markus Schäfer; Bass-Baritone: Hanno Müller-Brachmann


Nov 2003

2-CD, SACD, DVD / TT: 108:02

Recorded at Deutchlandfunk Sendesaal, Köln, Germany.
See: Mass in B minor BWV 232 - conducted by Helmut Müller-Bruhl
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Another MBM

Sw Anandgyan wrote (March 23, 2005):
There has been mention before of the new MBM from Naxos.

It's the one with the Dresden Chamber Choir, Cologne Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Helmut Müller-Brühl.

It has arrived in Montreal. Peculiar that this was recorded in November 2003. I'm listening to it for the first time.

Granted I've been influenced by the top scoring given by Klassik Heute, but I cannot deny the quality of this rendition on modern instruments with and historically informed awareness.

The word that came up to me was 'celestial' when enjoying the polished sound of the choir. Of all the singers performing, there is only one name that I had seen before; Markus Shäfer in the Harnoncourt III SMP.

One of my favourite moment, the intro to the Qui tollis peccata mundi, had this voluptuous, near rapture, effect on me.

I find it quite elegant. While not overpowering, it is not insipid; quite assured if I may say.

To have a companion CD to this conductor, I have picked up his 4 Orchestral Suites. Nice.

The "biggies" have not stolen their reputation though I'm quite glad that I have not limited my exposure to only them.

John Pike wrote (March 23, 2005):
[To Sw Anandgyan] Talking of MBM, I have been listening to Jochum's recording of the MBM. I think it was Uri who recommended it on this list when we were discussing the work last year.

It is certainly a fine performance. The choir sings with great commitment and everyone produces a most pleasing sound. I am now encouraged to listen to his SMP, following Uri's comments today.

David Glenn Lebut Jr. wrote (March 24, 2005):
[To Sw Anandgyan] Another good one with modern instruments is the one that Georg Christoph Biller made for the Philips label with the Gewandhausorchester and Thomanerchor Leipzig. I think that it compares favorably with the other standard one sold widely--that of Peter Schreier's recording on the Berlin Classics (also found in the Bach: Made in Germany series) and that of Karl Richter.

An URL For You [BeginnerBach ML]

Sw Anandgyan wrote (March 23, 2005):
Finally the SMP craze has subdued. I haven't read the BBC article about it that pertains to a few of its recordings with a good word to some modern-instruments rendition; among them the Leaman set that sits on a shelf in a Montreal record store.
My eyes sure noticing it, alas they notice a lot of inticing purchases.

First let me mention what has been playing in the 3D labs ( the player ); Helmut Müller-Brühl and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra. I now have his recordings of the Brandenburg Concertos and the Overtures (Suites) plus the B minor Mass.

I think I'm on a verge of a modern-instruments foray of recorded Bach music.

There is a sense that H. M.-B. has a knck for a spund that is neither arrogant nor subdued. I feel it is not imposing though never lacking in vigor and yet there is breeze that flows through. Is it because of a petite orchestra, but I enjoy a certain lightness.

BTW, when I listen to his MBM, I can't help but think that when Suzuki and the BCJ will record their take on it, it'll have a lot in common with this German conductor but with period-instruments.

There has been a couple of reviews on the Internet of this new release of the MBM and they tend to show high regards. I've seen German, French and American reviewers write eloquently of the Dresden Chamber Choir and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra.

I'll tell you what has struck my eyes, besides the vintage '49 recording of the SMP, there is the Erato set of Cantatas performed by Fritz Werner currently available at a second-hand record store ...

So I've been exploring the discussions that have appeared on the Bach Cantatas Website and I came across a link that I thought could have expired and it hasn't and it is gigantic and I hope you have broadband and registering is free so for those who are new and beginners well here's an Easter Egg:

I could have said a Treasure Trove but I'll leave it to you to judge.

Upcoming Naxos Recording [BeginnerBach ML]

Sw Anandgyan wrote (April 5, 2005):
I am quite pleased to 'read' another great German review about a Helmut Müller-Brühl recording of more Bach vocal music.

BWV 56, BWV 82, BWV 158

With the same bass as on his MBM Hanno Müller-Brachmann ...

Donald Satz wrote (April 5, 2005):
[To Sw Anandgyan] Unfortunately, the new Naxos Mass in B minor uses modern instruments - not good.

Bob Henderson wrote (April 5, 2005):
[To Sw Anandgyan] I have long awaited, along with you, the MBC recording of the BMM on Naxos. Having finally acquired a copy last week, allow me to tell you how disappointed I am.! I know how this choir can sing from previous recordings. But in this issue they often sound like they are standing fifty feet behind the orchestra! The big numbers (Gloria, Cum sunctus spiritu) simply do not come off. Often entire parts are obscured. I do not blame the choir at all. Its the sound engineers who I am aftaid have let us down.

Sw Anandgyan wrote (April 5, 2005):
[To Donald Satz] That is correct Don, about the hardware.

But there is an integration of the awareness brought by the historically informed practice.

It is a 'chamber orchestra' version and it is not bad.

- smiling -

Sw Anandgyan wrote (April 5, 2005):
[To Bob Henderson] Yes that's a bummer.

At least you'll be able to verify the BWV 82 quality on the Naxos website eventually ...

I have listened to the MBM only once so far.

Today I did listen to the Klemperer version, mainly trying to pick up Janet Baker's voice, and eventually returning to the new one from H. M.-B.

Nice to hear from you just the same.

Donald Satz wrote (April 5, 2005):
[To Sw Anandgyan] Yes, I realize that a modern instrument performance can be historically aware. My problem is with modern strings for baroque music - the sound is all wrong to my ears.

Sw Anandgyan wrote (April 7, 2005):

[To Donald Satz] I did listen to this Helmut Müller-Brühl MBM once more.

I can understand someone feeling it's like tip-toeing. I have been enjoying its 'difference' and it got me to discover more of this conductor's output albeit it was just instrumental music from Bach and it had a sort of a breeze to it all.

Nevertheless the B minor Mass may not be desert-like material but it has been interesting for my personal education.

Still waiting for the Bernius and Suzuki rendition I remain.

Jack Botelho wrote (April 12, 2005):
[To Sw Anandgyan] This H.M-B directed newly released rendition is a huge impover the old Naxos offering of this work (something that went into my garbage bin a long time ago). No doubt Bob must be correct with regard to technical flaws in comparison with other recordings of this choir, but to the innocent ear, beautifully sung. The string playing is superb as well. The only problem I have with the Mass in B minor is the employment of timpani - it sounds very heavy-handed to my ears. Thankfully this recording is not OVPP - if it was it would fail the a basic test for a historically informed recording.

JB (back from a long sojourn w/ massive armour)

John Pike wrote (April 12, 2005):
[To Jack Botelho] Welcome back, Jack.

Jack Botelho wrote (April 12, 2005):
[To John Pike] Thanks John! Nice to talk again on-line with (now) old friends. Many thanks to Anandgyan for keeping this small list alive during my absence. I am only a member here now, not list-owner.

Hope to discuss something about the Dresden court in the future, or at least bounce some ideas around.

MBM OVPP not HIP, Jack says? What the hell is he talking about now? (grin)

till later,

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